Snow Angel Program

Have you ever seen a "Snow Angels" sign in a neighbour's yard and wondered what it meant?

What is the Snow Angels Program? 

Strathmore is an active community where we celebrate and embrace living in a cold climate. Keeping our sidewalks free of snow and ice is critical in keeping town residents moving safely and enjoying winter.  

But, shoveling can be difficult, and even dangerous, for many citizens -- especially those with limited mobility or certain health conditions.
The Snow Angels Program aims to encourage neighbours to help one another and thereby build a caring, engaged community. Residents in need of snow removal have "Snow Angel" signs placed in their homes.

Who is eligible to have a Snow Angels sign?

Residents who need assistance removing snow are eligible. The Snow Angels Program relies on the good will of neighbourhood volunteers. Placement of a Snow Angel sign on a yard is not a guarantee that snow will be removed.

Who are Snow Angels? 

Snow Angels are individuals: youth, seniors, families, community groups, and corporate volunteers who voluntarily shovel snow for residents needing snow removal assistance.

When does the program run? 

Snow Angels signs are placed in residents windows from November until mid-April.

Where can I get a sign? 

Residents wanting a Snow Angels sign can download and print this sign. Click here for to print a sign. Or call FCSS at 403-934-9090.

Why become a volunteer Snow Angel? 

Being a neighbourhood Snow Angel is a great way to:

  • Get to know your neighbours
  • Help someone who will truly appreciate your effort
  • Keep your street safe for pedestrians
  • Exercise
  • Get some fresh air
  • Receive a volunteer timesheet that can be used toward employee evaluations or school credit.
  • Get nominated and receive a certificate of appreciation signed by the Mayor and entered to win great prizes at end of the season.
  • So much more!
Safety Tips for Volunteers 

Shoveling snow is a very strenuous activity.  Prevention of injury or exhaustion is extremely important, click the following links for some shoveling safety tips:

For information about the Snow Angels Program and to get a sign or a volunteer timesheet, please call Strathmore FCSS at 403-934-9090.

Volunteer Timesheet

Click HERE to print a volunteer timesheet for employee evaluations or school credit.  

The form must be verified and signed by the FCSS Coordinator to be valid.  Once your sheet is complete either email it or bring it to FCSS.

Nominate your Angel

Has someone been an angel and helped you shovel? Say thanks by nominating them as a Snow Angel with the Town of Strathmore. By nominating your volunteer, they will receive a certificate signed by the Mayor and a chance to win great prizes at the end of the season.  Please complete a nomination form and submit it electronically via email or print to mail (or fax) to the following address. Nomination forms for printing are available HERE.

Mail to:

Strathmore FCSS
Attention: Snow Angel Program
680 Westchester Road
Strathmore, AB
T1P 1W1

Drop off at:

Strathmore FCSS
115 Third Avenue

Email to:

Fax to:


Please note that cleaning the sidewalk is still the responsibility of the property owner. Even if you apart of the Snow Angel Program, your walkways must be cleared 48hrs after snowfall. View Bylaw 13-05 for more information.


















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