Road Maintenance

2022 Street Sweeping Schedule

The Town of Strathmore Operations Department manages many kilometers of open road in Strathmore to ensure our roadways are maintained to minimize economic loss to the community, and prevent or reduce accident or injury by providing safe winter driving conditions.

The Operations division is also responsible for operation and maintenance of the storm sewer systems, including underground storm sewer mains, as well as various drainage swales, ditches, storm water ponds, outfalls and wetland areas.

Road Maintenance Operations Contact

Street Sweeping

Each year, the Town of Strathmore sweeps up tonnes of sand and debris from hundreds of kilometers of town roads. This helps to prevent that material from being washed into our storm drain system and keeps our roads and pathways clean.  You may also notice our Parks team using their Kubota's to sweep grassy areas along various pathways beginning with Centennial, Brent Blvd, and Thomas Drive. This will improve the quality of the turf, reduce weeds, and help prevent our mowers from shooting rocks out when cutting grass this summer.

2022 Street Sweeping Schedule
Monday, April 25



Tuesday, April 26

Green Meadows

Grande Pointe


Centre Street

Wednesday, April 27 Downtown
Thursday, April 28


Bayside Place



Crystal Ridge

Friday, April 29



Monday, May 2

Strathmore Lakes


Tuesday, May 3 Strathaven
Wednesday, May 4 Glenwood (Cancelled due to mechanical failure)
Thursday, May 5 Westmount
Friday, May 6


The Ranch

Archie Klaiber Trail

Thursday, May 12



Friday, May 13

Aspen Creek

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Potholes or Report a Problem

Potholes have the potential to pop up anywhere. You can report these concerns directly to our Public Works/Operations Department via the Public Works Request Form. 

Snow and Ice Control

The Town of Strathmore strives to provide a balanced level of winter road maintenance within operational and budget constraints. The Town is responsible for maintaining all publicly owned roads, parking lots, pathways and sidewalks directly adjacent to town owned property within the Town limits with the exception of provincially maintained highways.

Snow and ice control starts before a single snowflake hits the ground, and begins with weather monitoring and the spreading of snow and ice control products. Crews will begin plowing when snow has accumulated to 3cm on priority roads. The Town establishes top priority as follows:

  • Arterial roads and Expressways
  • Emergency services access roads
  • School zones when in session
  • Any roadways where the RCMP or Fire Department request additional service for public safety or emergency access

Priority 1 roadways  shall  be  plowed  and  have  snow  and  ice  control  operations  concluded twenty-four (24) hours after the end of a storm event.  Roads will be plowed to remove snow as close to the road surface as possible. 

For additional information on winter road maintenance priorities, view our Winter Road Maintenance Policy.

Helpful Snow Tips for Residents

  • Maintain a safe distance from snow plows, graders and sanding trucks –  stay back 10m.
  • Adjust your driving for winter road conditions, be patient and give yourself extra time.
  • Shovel or snow blow, sidewalk and driveway snow onto your property –  not the roads.
  • Keep storm drains clear of ice and snow to allow for optimum drainage.
  • Park your car in your driveway to allow for snow clearing.
  • Remember to brake slowly at intersections and for pedestrians (especially in school zones). Although gravel and salt have been applied to the roads, icy conditions may still exist.
  • Winterize your vehicle – snow tires increase winter safety on roads.
  • Prepare an emergency kit for your home and vehicle. Click the link for more information.



 Q: Why doesn't the Town always plow residential roads?
 A: The Town's mandate is to keep priority routes open and safe for emergency vehicles and the motoring pubic. To learn more about how your street is cleared, view our Winter Road Maintenance Policy.
 Q: Where does extra snow plowing happen?
 A: Extra snow plowing occurs on streets where the buildup of snow has made a roadway impassable. 
 Q: Who's responsibility is it to maintain sidewalks & pathways?
 A: The Town of Strathmore's Public Works Department works to clear public pathways on a priority basis. Sidewalks (in front of a residence) that aren't cleared within 48 hrs after snowfall, can be reported to Municipal Enforcement via the Citizen Communication Form. 

To request a response from public works/operations, consider filing out a Public Works Request Form. 

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