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 What is a Public Works Request?
 A Public Works Request allows residents to request work to be done on public property by our Operations Department. This may include road maintenance, snow removal, or other public works related concerns. Please only use a Public Works Request to request work to be done. Inquires and questions may be shared through our Citizen Communication Form.
 Why do I need to use the Public Works Request?
 The Public Works Request is a new system which allows our Operations to track and follow requests and resources required for them. By using the Public Works Request, we streamline workflow and track all resources being allocated to remedy an issue. This data can help determine budget allocations for the future and will help make informed decisions.
 How do I select my concern?
 To select your concern, start at the top of the form and click the Drop-Down Arrow on the right side of the fillable blank.
 How do I attach an image?
 To attach an image, simply select "yes" on Question 2 and click "attach an image." A browser box will open, from there you are able to select which image you would like to share. Please note that this feature may not work on mobile.
 What details do you need?
 Please share any details you are able too, relating to the location of type of issue you are facing. Additional context or history to the issue would be appreciated.

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