Payment Options

The Town is providing utility customers with the option to defer March – June utility payments. Customers will pay the deferred amount as an addition to their regular utility payment starting in July. The deferred amount will be added as equal payments on July – December utility bills without interest or penalty. Be mindful that your utility bill will be higher in July - December as a result of the differed payments being added to your bills.

For this reason, we are encouraging our utility customers to utilize the pre-authorized payment plan and the email billing services available. We encourage customers to pay their account balance where possible to avoid the accumulation of a large account balance come July.

Pre-authorized utility payments and TIPPS tax payments will still be processed if you’ve set up this service. If you need to suspend these services please contact the Town at 403 934 3133. Our updated options for payments can be found in our Utility FAQs

In Person:

You can pay your utility bill at the Town Office located at 680 Westchester Road, by cash, cheque, Interac, Visa or MasterCard.


Mail your cheque payment to the Town of Strathmore, Utilites Department, 680 Westchester Road, Strathmore, AB T1P 1J1. Be sure to include your bill stub or account number.

Night Drop Box:

A night drop box is available at the Town Office, 680 Westchester Road. Be sure to include your bill stub or account number.

Post-Dated Cheque:

Use any of the methods above to get us your post-dated cheque that we will keep on hand until the date you want your payment to go through.

Financial Institutions:

Payment can be made at any financial institution. Be sure to include your bill stub or account number.

Internet & Telephone Banking

Most banking institutions have the Town of Strathmore listed for making payments via Internet & telephone banking. Please be sure to use all the digits of your account number without the decimal point. Payments are received and processed by the Town within 2 to 3 days.

My Strathmore (formerly Virtual Town Hall)

With My Strathmore, you can pay your utility bill online securely and conveniently with Visa or MasterCard.  If you do not already have an account, please fill out this online form today to get your account created.  If you require assistance, please call us at 403-934-3133.

Equalized Payment Plan

Equal monthly payments are withdrawn from your bank account on the 15th day. Please contact the Town for further information.

Online Bill Payment

When paying your Utility Bills through online banking, please allow  10 working days for the processing from the bank to the Town Office.  As stated in Bylaw No. 13-04 Schedule “E”

E. 101     Any Utility Bill or portion thereof that remains unpaid at the Due Date shall have a 2.7% penalty applied to the unpaid balance, which penalty will form part of the rate levied.

Penalties are applied on the Balance Owing.

Failure to receive or loss of the Utility Bill cannot be accepted as a reason for non-payment or exemption of a late penalty.

Payments must be received at the Town Office by 4:30 on the date specified on the Utility Bill. If paying by mail, telephone banking, internet banking, or at a specified banking facility, allow ten (10) working days for payment to be processed.

E. 102    A fifty dollar ($52.50) charge will be applicable, without further notice, on any outstanding amount on any Outstanding Utility Bill that is transferred to the tax roll.

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