Municipal Development Plan

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The Town of Strathmore is excited to announce we are creating a new Municipal Development Plan!

Our goal is to enhance the quality of life for our residents  and to establish/maintain a desirable community where people can live, work and play! 

Municipal Development Plan (MDP) is a framework used by municipalities to address long-term community development, land use, and growth in a responsible way. Click to see the current MDP:

Municipal Development Plan Bylaw No. 14-03

Have your say! Fill out a Survey!

Development Services has prepared a survey to collect feedback, see below:

MDP Survey


Public and stakeholder engagement is critical to shaping the new Municipal Development Plan!

Everyone’s voice is important, and we would like to hear from as many people as possible. The feedback collected through the engagement process will be used to inform decision-making which will help shape the future of Strathmore!

Over the next several months Development Services will be hosting pop-up events around town, asking for residents feedback on various topics in relation to the municipal development plan. Each section will be encompassed in a one to two week timeframe with feedback presented to Council.

Project Timeline

The Municipal Development Plan Update will follow the timeline below. This timeline is estimated to reach completion by approximately June 2020. This timeline, however, is subject to the Calgary Metropolitan Region Board (CMRB) apprvals process and may change.  All timeline changes will be reflected in the timeline immediately.

Preview of the Municipal Development Plan time line

Engagement Summaries

Engagement opportunities will be held on an ongoing basis until the conclusion of the Municipal Development Plan Update. Engagement may include but isn't limited to events, surveys, questionnaire and other types of engagement.  Following each engagement opportunity, a summary will be published below to document the findings. See Engagement Summaries below:

Project Outline

 Chapter 1 - Scope of MDP
  • Role of MDP
  • Alignment of MDP 
  • Organization of MDP 
  • Guiding Principles of MDP 
  • Implementing the MDP (ASP’s / Outline Plans / DP / Public Engagement) 
  • Intermunicipal Planning 
  • Amending the MDP 
  • Reviewing the MDP
 Chapter 2 – A Complete Town
  • Town of Strathmore History and Context 
  • Complete Communities 
  • A Town to Live
    • Housing Diversity and Choice 
    • Housing Affordability 
  • A Town to Work 
  • A Town to Shop 
    • Neighborhood Commercial Nodes 
  • A Town to Learn 
  • A Town to Play (Recreational Master Plan)
 Chapter 3 – A Prosperous Town
  • Economic Development 
  • Tourism 
  • Civic Image 
  • Gateways 
  • Business Attraction, Retention and Investment 
  • Sustainable Municipal Finances
 Chapter 4 - An Active and Healthy Town
  • Pathways and Open Space Map 
  • MR Classes and Programming 
  • Recreational Master Plan 
  • Healthcare
 Chapter 5 – A Multi Modal Town
  • Transportation Network 
  • Street Typologies 
  • Street Cross Sections 
  • Transit 
  • Transportation Master Plan
 Chapter 6 – A Historical and Attractive Town
  • Heritage Preservation 
  • Public Realm 
  • Urban Design 
  • Public Art
 Chapter 7 – A Sustainable Town
  • Renewable Energy 
  • Solar Farms 
  • Wetland Preservation 
  • Green House Gas Emissions 
  • Carbon Footprint
 Chapter 8 – Typologies for Future Growth

New Communities 

  • Directing growth to Strategic Areas 
  • Complete Community Typologies

Established Communities 

  • Character, quality and stability of neighborhoods 
  • Complete Community Typologies

Downtown Redevelopment Plan 

  • Revitalization 
  • Street Typologies 
  • Public Realm 
  • Kinsman Park Master Plan 
  • Way Finding


  • Highway Commercial 
  • Neighborhood Commercial 
  • Mixed Use 
  • Public Realm


  • Mixed Use 
  • Light 
  • Heavy 
  • Public Realm
 Chapter 9 – Infrastructure to Support Growth
  • Storm Water 
  • Sanitary 
  • Water 
  • Roads

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