MDP Review

The Town’s current MDP was adopted by Council when Bylaw #14-03 was enacted on April 14, 2014. The Town previously launched a comprehensive review of the MDP in 2019 through to 2020, which aligned with municipal best practices related to MDP comprehensive reviews taking place every 5-10 years. The comprehensive review of the Town’s current MDP was however placed on hold due to the emergence of the Covid-19 global pandemic.

Prior to the review of the MDP being placed on hold, the Town held public engagement sessions that focused on economic development, the identification of the Town’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (ie. SWOT analyses), including the identification of emerging trends and opportunities, and a downtown and highways workshop.

The Town has now emerged from the global pandemic with several notable developments either getting underway or having been recently completed. The Town’s Strategic Plan 2022-2025 has also now been adopted by Council, which has afforded staff, Administration, and Council the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the new strategic directions and priorities that emerged from this work being completed. The Town’s Strategic Plan should be viewed in high regard as a partnering document to an eventual updated Town MDP.

The Town is now well positioned to move forward together and in consultation with the local community and its stakeholders in terms of relaunching the comprehensive review and eventually updating the Town’s existing MDP. The input received from residents, businesses and other interested parties and community stakeholders is integral to ensuring that the Town’s MDP provides a solid foundation for guiding our future growth and development.

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