MDP Review

The Municipal Development Plan review is currently on hold. When the project recommences, this page will be updated.

The Municipal Development Plan (MDP) is a framework used by municipalities to address long-term community development, land use, and growth in a responsible way. The current MDP was adopted in 2014. Typical practice is to review and update an MDP every 5 years. Engagement sessions for this review were held in 2019 and 2020. Summaries of those engagement sessions are below.

Planning staff are now engaging internal departments. We will be looking for ways to make the MDP a document that's accessible and useful for all departments. We will then take this feedback, the results of the engagement sessions, and Council's 2022 Strategic Plan and integrate them into the proposed changes to the MDP. Those proposed changes will then be presented to Council and they will have an opportunity to provide feedback and request additional changes.

This space will be updated periodically with information sheets, survey results, engagement opportunities, and the dates we'll be going back to Council with the results. To stay up to date you can click the "Subscribe to this page" button below to be notified of any changes.

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