Kinsmen Lake Skating

Kinsmen Lake in Winter

Update on Kinsmen Lake and Strathmore Lake Skating Areas

Providing safe and fun recreational areas is a priority for the Town of Strathmore. Outdoor skating is a popular activity, and the Town is opening areas on Kinsmen Lake and Strathmore Lake to provide more recreational spaces for our community.

Safety is our Top Priority

At the January 20 Regular Meeting of Council Administration presented a report that outlined some of the considerations when permitting skating on storm ponds.

Read our Report to Council

Lakes, ponds, rivers, and other bodies of water freeze at different rates depending on whether water is moving or still, the depth of water, and the source of the water.

Storm Ponds often seem still, but water is continually moving through our storm system. This can cause gaps beneath the ice or weak areas on the surface. Inlets and outlets often have thinner ice coverage than in other areas of the lake.

Recreational use of Town of Strathmore Storm Ponds is only permitted on Kinsmen Lake and Strathmore Lake, and only within the areas cleared of snow by the Town. Skating is not permitted on any other Town of Strathmore Storm Ponds.

Town employees will clear snow from designated areas of these lakes. Do not clear snow from other areas or enlarge the skating surfaces. The designated areas have been selected as the sections of the lake least likely to experience erosion due to sub-surface water movement. Please help us to ensure a safe skating season, and report any private equipment being operated on these lakes to our Municipal Enforcement Team (403 361 2112)

Our Parks Team is conducting daily measurements of the ice surface at Kinsmen Lake and Strathmore Lake. Ice thickness has surpassed 10 inches, which safely supports skating activities. These are the only two ponds where skating is permitted within Town limits.

Our Team will continue to monitor and maintain recreational areas on these two surfaces throughout the season.

COVID-19 Protocols

Safety includes COVID-19 precautions. Stay home if you are unwell or exhibiting these symptoms. Maintain a two-metre physical distance between yourself and others. If there are too many participants on the ice to ensure physical distancing, please wait until others have left the ice before joining.

More information about taking COVID-19 precautions while skating outdoors can be found here


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