Keep in Touch Program

Keep in Touch (KIT) is a community driven program that connects participants to volunteers for friendly phone conversations on a weekly basis. This program is being offered throughout the region, through a partnership with Strathmore and Wheatland Family and Community Support Services (FCSS) offices and Volunteer Lethbridge. 

“Over the last year we are increasingly seeing the need for a wide range of wellness supports, said Melissa Masse, Community Support Coordinator with the Town of Strathmore. “Volunteers take the time to listen, talk, and assist community members with finding resources and supports.”

“My phone is my lifeline,” said Ada Wallace, a Keep In Touch volunteer residing in Wheatland County. “My neighbours and my daughter check-in on me every day, but not everyone has that. Connection means everything, and the Keep In Touch program offers that.”

 We encourage those who are interested in volunteering for the KIT program to reach out to their local FCSS office.

“I really miss seeing my grandchildren and great grandchildren,” added Wallace. “I am volunteering because it makes me feel better when I am helping someone. It’s hard right now, and we need to talk about it.”

KIT is more than just a phone call, it is more than just a conversation, it is confirmation that there is someone that cares, that someone is willing to provide support and that someone is willing to take the time and simply listen. While the program is being rolled out during Senior’s week celebrations, the program is open to all residents in need of support and friendly conversation.

“The Keep In Touch Program was developed by Volunteer Lethbridge. After successfully piloting the program in their community. Funding from the COVID-19 Mental Health and Addiction Community Fund, the program’s sustainability is being supported through an expansion to Albertan rural communities, like ours. We are incredibly grateful for the opportunity to bring this program to our region,” added Masse.

If you want to be involved with KIT as a volunteer or participant call the Strathmore FCSS office at 403-934-9090 or the Wheatland FCSS office at 403-934-5335.

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