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Help us measure internet quality in Strathmore!

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The CIRA Internet Performance Test is a quick and easy test of your home Internet connection. Your test will provide data for researchers to better understand and improve the Canadian Internet. The test can also tell you if you’re receiving the quality of internet you’ve signed up for with your provider. Once complete, the test results are added to a national database of internet performance data that provides researchers, policymakers and other interested members of the public with a bird’s eye view of connectivity across Canada. 

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How to: CIRA Internet Speed Testing 

Testers are encouraged to turn on location settings. CIRA only collects data for research purposes and does not sell data to advertisers.

To run your test, enter your postal code, Internet Service provider and test server (hint: Vancouver is our closest test server, and will likely be the defaulted selection). Then click the “Start” button. Now you can select a few more details that will provide valuable information ensuring your test results are as accurate as possible. For this area it will be helpful to know a few details about your internet plan, including your expected upload and download speeds, the monthly limit and monthly cost on your internet plan.

Every test result will be added to Strathmore’s interactive performance map and the results may be used to help guide internet policies in your community. Collecting multiple tests from each area of Strathmore will help provide a clear picture of internet quality where we live. The more tests the better! 

An even better way to test

Head to Strathmore’s Internet Testing dashboard here, and then click the “sign up” button to create an account. Once your account is created, you can save your settings and set your device up to auto-test on a schedule. This is an easy way to provide a range of data from different times, and will increase the quality of the overall data collected from Strathmore’s residents. 

Questions or concerns? 

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