Green Cart Program

Strathmore’s Curbside Organics Collection

The Town of Strathmore offers a Green Cart Program to collect food scraps, pet waste, and yard clippings. This material will be composted, and turned into a nutrient-rich soil amendment. 

Environment Canada has identified organic waste material as making up about 40% of residential waste. The more waste we put in our landfills, the more we contribute to the release of greenhouse gasses and pollution that can leak into ecosystems - harming plants and animals. 

You can help reduce the amount of waste that is sent to our landfills by composting. Organic materials such as kitchen scraps and back yard debris contain essential plant nutrients.  These can be easily recycled for use as fertilizer and soil amendment – keeping organic material out of our landfills.

We offer free compost to residents from May to October. Our Green Cart program keeps waste out of our landfills and can make your garden even greener!

Layering Organics

Layering between wet and dry materials keeps waste from getting stuck in your cart and helps to reduce odors. To layer your cart line the bottom with newspaper, cardboard or paper towel (shredded paper cannot be used). Then alternate between wet waste like kitchen scraps and grass clippings, and dry waste like newspaper or leaves. 

Large amounts of grass clippings can become stuck in your Green Cart, especially when damp. Place small amounts of grass clippings in your cart, layer with dryer materials or give the grass time to dry out. 

From May 1 - October 31, pick up a compost tag from the Strathmore Municipal Building. Take your tag to the Strathmore Recycling Facility, and give it to the Attendant. You can then self-load up to 10 gallons of finished compost.The Recycling Facility can be accessed Tuesday to Friday, 9am-6pm, and Saturdays, 9am-5pm. It's located at 101 Huxted Way.

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