Firefighting Operations - FAQ

Why are there windows broken or holes in the roof?

As a fire burns, it is moving upward and outward seeking additional fuel to burn. This movement builds pressure and creates super-heated gases and smoke that is explosive and toxic. By cutting holes in the roof or breaking glass windows, pressure on the building is relieved, super-heated temperatures are reduced and smoke and gases are expelled, enabling firefighters to fight the fire more efficiently. preventing significant losses to the building.

Why does the fire department cut holes in walls or ceilings of a building?

There are many considerations that firefighters must deal with before leaving a building after the fire. (1) The firefighters must ensure that there are no fire extensions, hidden embers between wall and ceilings to support a re-kindle. (2) Water is used to fight a fire inside a building, the holes in ceilings and walls help to drain water from upper levels, thereby reducing a potential floor collapse.

Why are building services such as gas, electrical and water shut off during a fire?

These services are an immediate danger to firefighters and neighbors when there is a fire. Shutting down the utilities prevents electrocutions, explosions and additional water damage caused by broken pipes. Remember to contact your local utility provider to turn your utilities back on.

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