Fire Inspections - Commercial and Residential

New Inspection Protocol

The Strathmore Fire Department is working hard to ensure the safety of residents, business owners and fire fighters.  Due to COVID-19, the Strathmore Fire Department has started completing fire inspections over the phone. The inspection includes a set of routine questions and the fire inspector will treat each call on a case by case basis.

Questions or concerns? The Strathmore Fire Department is willing to work with each business to ensure their place of business is up to code, and will address any concerns or questions that arise, while guiding you through the inspection process. 

If you have already contacted the Fire Department and are are ready to start your inspection, please click here to fill out the inspection form

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is this?
A: Strathmore is a safe community. The Strathmore Fire Department works with local businesses to conduct safety inspections to protect staff and customers. We are a no-charge fire code partner for local businesses to help them achieve compliance with safety codes and their insurance.
Q: Why is this being developed?
A: To reduce the risk of COVID-19, we have developed remote telephone inspections. These inspections will continue our important work in community safety while protecting businesses, customers and fire personnel. We're confident that these remote inspections will demonstrate each businesses' compliance with all necessary codes and practices
Q: Are all inspections moving online?
Q: In-person inspections are still available upon request. Public complaints will continue to be resolved through in-person inspections
 Q: How do I book an inspection?
 Q: To book an inspection, please call the Strathmore Fire Department at 403 934 3022
 Q: Who can I contact with questions or feedback?
 Q: If you have questions, concerns, or feedback, please contact the Strathmore Fire Department at 403 934 3022


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