Fire Hydrants

Strathmore is home to over 350 fire hydrants, both Town and Privately-Owned. 

Working with EPCOR, the Town of Strathmore maintains and operates Town-Owned fire hydrants on a regular basis. Privately-Owned fire hydrants are expected to be maintained to the same standards.

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Privately-Owned Fire Hydrants

Fire Hydrants that have been installed on private property are to be installed and maintained, by the Owner of the parcel of land, in accordance with the Alberta Fire Code and the terms and conditions as required by an Authorized Employee or a Planning Approval. The hydrant must be painted and maintained in accordance with the Engineering and Servicing Standards.

Broken, defective or unusable privately-owned fire hydrants must be reported to the Fire Department and serviced, overhauled, or replaced and tested to the satisfaction of the Director at the Owner of the parcel’s expense.

Failure to comply with correct installation, maintenance, and reporting of Privately-Owned Fire Hydrants may result in fines as set out in the Water Utility Bylaw 21-03

Do you Live or Work near a Privately-Owned Fire Hydrant?

Private Hydrants in Strathmore are primarily located within residential and commercial condominium units. Apartment complexes, adult only communities, and other developments which have a condo board are likely to be protected by a Privately-Owned Fire Hydrant.

Town-Owned Fire Hydrants

Fire Hydrants installed on Town owned property and rights-of-way are regulated by the same Alberta Fire Code, Planning Approval and Engineering and Servicing Standards as Privately-Owned Fire Hydrants.

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Hydrant Clearance

When parking, do not park within five meters (16 feet) of the fire hydrant.

When planting or building (IE. fences) note that hydrants require clearance of 2 meters on each side  and 1 meter from the back (side of hydrant which contains no outlets), and minimum vertical clearance of 1.5 meters.

In the winter, clear a 1 meter (three foot) radius around the hydrant and one meter path to the street. In the summer, keep trees/hedges cut back and keep the hydrant free of grass, weeds, and debris.

Hydrant Flushing

Hydrant Flushing is a normal maintenance procedure that requires water to be forced through the pipes at a high speed to scour the insides. Flushing helps maintain or improve the quality, flow, and pressure of water in our systems and helps to remove sediments from our hydrants and water mains.

The flushing procedure may result in customers experiencing rusty or milky water conditions. Running cold water taps for a few minutes should clear the sediments. If your water does not run clear, wait a few minutes, and run the water again. If this does not clear the water, contact the Town’s Infrastructure Department.

EPCOR, Hydrant Flushing

Meter Rental

On a limited basis, the Town of Strathmore rents out a water meter with backflow preventer for construction purposes. 

Connect with the Infrastructure department for more information. 403-361-2108 /

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