Development and Building Permits

Strathmore’s Infrastructure, Operations and Development Services Department is responsible for processing applications for development, building, electrical permits, plumbing permits, gas permits, and more. 

Please follow the steps below to ensure your development project is processed efficiently and in a timely manner.

Step 1

Fill out and submit a Project Proposal Form.

Step 2

Contact Development Services at 403 934 3133 to schedule a free pre-application meeting.

Step 3

Review the following development timelines:

Step 4

Review the following fee schedules:

Step 5

Review and submit the applicable applications for your project:

Land Use Zoning

Development Permits and Home Improvement Packages

Building and Utility Permits

Closure Applications

Temporary Road and Parking Closure Application

Step 6

After fulfilling the permit requirements in Step 5, you may apply for a Business License.

Click here to learn more about Business Licenses, visit our Licenses page.

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