Black Cart Program

Town Council approved the conversion from a manual bag based collection system to a fully automatic cart based collection system for garbage streams for January 1, 2018 and organics materials in the spring of 2018. The intent of this conversion is to increase waste diversion rates and create operational efficiencies within Waste Management through separation of organic materials from the landfill. Residential garbage and organic materials collected by the Solid Waste Utility contractor will follow the current collection schedule and the collection points will see no changes with this new service and will be provided to current residential units within the Town.

What goes in the Cart?

  • Household garbage that is bagged goes in the black carts.
  • Avoid putting loose waste in the cart as it may get blown onto the street during pickup.
  • The following items are not allowed in the black cart:

These items can be taken to the recycling facility at  101 Huxted Way in Strathmore. For information on the recycling facility contact 

403-934-5605 or visit

Extra Bags 

Excess bags of garbage must be tagged and placed at your collection point with your carts. Bags must be placed 0.5 m (1.5 ft) away from any collection cart. Residents can purchase Excess Waste Tags for a fee at the Strathmore Municipal Office. 

Questions or Concerns...

What is automated collection?
Automated collection is an advanced system where garbage, organics and recycling materials are stored in standard carts and collected by refuse trucks. The refuse truck is equipped with a mechanical arm operated by the driver that empties the carts into the truck without the aid of operators.
What is the cart? 

Residents will be required to use the black carts that are assigned to their address for all garbage material. Residents do not supply additional carts for the use in the collection system but must use the Town of Strathmore supplied carts only. The Town will maintain the ownership of all carts. This means if you move from your home you will leave your cart behind. The Town is responsible for cart repairs and maintenance. Each cart has a unique identifier that is assigned to your address, which allows the Town to keep track of the carts and track any maintenance or replacement requirements.  Residents are reminded to keep their carts safe and clean. The carts are wheeled for easy maneuvering and a sturdy handle. The carts are 98 cm high, 62 cm deep and have a 49.5 cm wheelbase for stability.

Collection Placement of Cart 
  • Place cart at your regular collection point either at a front yard curbside location or the alley
  • Don’t overfill your cart so the lid does not close
  • Do not include any hot or liquid materials
  • Be aware of the weight restrictions for the cart is 100 kg (220lbs)
  • Establish one meter clearance on either side of your cart and do not nestle the cart between parked vehicles
  • Make sure the handles of the cart are facing your home as the collector can not pickup the cart backwards
  • Do not obstruct the street, sidewalk or alley with your cart
Collection Times 
  • Set out cart no later than 7:00 am on your collection day and no earlier than 6:00 pm on the day before collection
  • Return cart to storage location on your property no later than 11:00 pm on the day of collection to help keep your street or alley free of obstruction and prevent your cart being stolen or vandalized
Overhanging Trees in Alleys 

Residents are reminded to trim any over hanging branches from their trees to provide a safe path for the collection equipment and the collection of the carts.

Lost/stolen or damaged Carts 

Residents with lost, damaged or stolen carts may contact the Town of Strathmore to schedule repairs or replacement. Please provide detailed information regarding your cart issue and be prepared to provide your full address. 

Contact Operations:

  • 403-361-2136 Ext 1
Missed Pick Ups 

If your cart has been missed on it's scheduled pickup day please contact. 


Winter Weather Collections 

Residents are reminded to follow these directions for cart placement during the winter months:

  • Clear an area around your cart of snow and do not place your carts behind or on top of snow banks
  • Clear your lid of snow and ice so the lid will open during collection
  • Do not obstruct the street, sidewalk or alley with your cart
  • Leave 1 meter of clearance around your cart for a safe collection space
Where to store the Cart? 

Residents are encouraged to provide a suitable storage location for the cart.  Please follow the tips below:

  • Store the cart on private property to avoid theft and damage to the cart
  • Find a suitable location where you can easily access the cart to deposit your waste
  • The ideal location has a flat surface to prevent the cart from rolling away

For general inquires please contact our Infrastructure department at: 


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