Wildflower Controlled Burn

Picture of a fire, text: Notice of Controlled burn, Wildflower Road April 1 - 8

A controlled burn will take place in Wildflower between April 1 - 8, 2022.

An approved burning permit has been obtained and all fire precautions and preventative measures have been completed with the town. 

Please stay out of the work areas. Be mindful, and report any suspicious activity if present, as we want to ensure safety for our residents,
contractors and community.

Please see below conditions of the approved controlled burn:
• Location of burn permit is only valid as identified upon site visit and the sides of the pit will be stripped of all debris and plants to bare earth including within 3m (10ft) around the entire pit.
• The Burn shall not be ignited if wind conditions exceed 30 km per hour . Ensure wind conditions do not cause smoke to travel into town or impair vision on roadways
• Signage indicating a controlled burn must be placed at the entrance to property for the duration of the burn
• The size of the burn pile must be maintained to ensure that if extinguishment is required that onsite firefighting capabilities can handle the fuel load
• The pile must be supervised during the burn.
• Active burning shall be between 08:00 to 17:00 and can be extended upon request to the Fire Chief or Designate.
• No person shall burn, at any time, on any premises, the following materials: a) Food Waste; b) Treated construction materials; c) Wire or insulation; d) grass; e) Garbage; f) Rubber, tires or plastic; g) herbicides and pesticides; h) any toxic material which produces dense black smoke; i) painted, stained or pressure treated wood; j) Any animal carcass or part thereof; k) railroad ties.
• You must call the Fire Department prior to igniting the fire. 403-934-3022 and at the end of the day when the fire is extinguished.
• The fire must be extinguished if requested by the Fire Department.
This permit is good for one week – Friday April 1 to April 8, 2022, at 17:00.

If you have a concern please call the Strathmore Fire Department, 403-934-3022

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