Westridge Road Revitalization

At this time, we’re currenty in the process of consulting businesses along Westridge Road. If you'd like to provide feedback on the vision of Westridge Road, fill out a Citizen Communication Form.

Project Scope

Westridge Road continues to be one of Strathmore's most visible and well travelled areas. Preliminary consultation has begun with stakeholders and businesses to determine design options that are preferred. Throughout the duration of the project, six main factors will be used as guiding principles:

  • Beautification
  • Mixture of Modes
  • Sustainable Landscape
  • Lighting and Furniture
  • Safety
  • Visibility


Q: Why is the Town revitalizing Westridge Road?

A: Town Council has designated the beautification of the Highway corridor as a priority within the Town Council's Strategic Plan. Following on this, both the recently held Emerging Opportunities (June 2019) and the Downtown and Highway Workshop (Sept 16 & 17) confirmed that residents and business owners are concerned that currently motors travelling the Highway 1 corridor are unaware of what Strathmore has to offer and would like to see as part of the transformation of the corridor, lighting, signage and landscaping that would encourage motorists to stop and take advantage of Town amenities to shop or enjoy Town parks, ect.

The project also is a part of the Town's asset management plan with regaurds to the road structure renewel and utility replacements. These imrpovements would reduce maitenance costs and increase acceptable level of service in terms of road user comfort.

Q: How long will the project take?
A: Design services have been contracted for 2019. Construction is anticipated to be initiated in 2020.
Q: How will businessses and resident be affected?
A: No impact to businesses during the design phase. However, it is anticipated that there will be road closures during the underground installations of Sanitary and Water as well as road reconstruction. A schedule will be drafted and shared at a later point in the project with a minimized time frame to ensure little impact to businesses.

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