Westridge Road Revitalization

Project Update: December 1, 2022

The revitalization of Westridge Road is substantially complete and has now entered the warranty period.
The Town wishes to extend a huge thank you to all residents and businesses who were affected by the 2 years of construction. With the replacement of underground utilities, realignment of some shallow utilities, upgrades to the carriageway and existing business access including landscaping, and pathway and bench installation the revitalization will be enjoyed for many years to come. For questions or concerns please contact infrastructure@strathmore.ca


Project Update: May 12, 2022

The revitalization of Westridge Road is nearing completion. Final road paving (top-lift), sidewalk construction and landscaping are scheduled to start mid-May 2022.  This work will require road and lane closures. Our team has worked with a local contractor to design and build benches and garbage receptacles that will fit in with the final landscape design. For questions or concerns please contact infrastructure@strathmore.ca


Project Update: September 8, 2021

Thank you to residents and businesses for your patience during our Westridge Road Rehabilitation project. This is a major project to revitalize one of our most important corridors. Both the roadway and underground infrastructure had reached the end of their service lives – upgrades had been pending for several years.

Where We’re at in the Timeline

Westridge Road will serve as a visual gateway into our community. Throughout October and November 2020 we sought feedback through an online survey and digital open house to assist with final design. Construction began in April 2021 and we are on track to complete the civil construction portion this month. This phase has been the most labour-intensive part of the project.

  • Design Phase – Complete See the approved design here
  • Community Engagement – Complete
  • Civil Construction – Complete
  • Beautification – Taking place May 16 - August 1, 2022
Civil Construction – A Deeper Look

Hundreds of millions of dollars’ worth of community infrastructure is hidden beneath our feet. Westridge Road sits on top of some of Strathmore’s oldest infrastructure, and we anticipated some discoveries during this phase.

Records are often outdated in our oldest neighbourhoods, posing unique challenges to the project. Construction must delay when decommissioned or abandoned-in-place infrastructure is discovered. Designs are re-evaluated and decisions are made on how to best remove old infrastructure.

2021 is the most labour-intensive phase and has seen upgrades to Underground Services (Water & Sewer), Surface Infrastructure (Roadways, including Curb & Gutter), and Shallow Utility relocations (Gas & Telecom). We are through the underground portion and are nearing completion of the Surface and Shallow Utility scopes.

Thank You Strathmore

Major infrastructure projects cannot be completed quickly. Creating a welcoming new corridor into our community will deliver real benefits for Strathmore. We’re very grateful for the patience of the community during this project. For questions or concerns please contact infrastructure@strathmore.ca


Project Update: August 27, 2021

Our Westridge Road project is making progress. Our first phase, the installation of the new sanitary and upsized water main, is complete.   The surface improvements phase has started and includes the addition of new curb & gutter, new reinforced concrete aprons, and asphalt roadway.  Following the installation of concrete works, the road will be cored and prepped for asphalt which is anticipated to be laid on or before September 15, 2021.    We’ll be wrapping up this phase before winter, then starting with landscaping, sidewalks, and beautification next spring. We want one of the highest-traffic areas of our community to really welcome visitors to Strathmore!

We’ve completed substantial excavations in some areas. Last week’s heavy rains complicated this work, so we’re expecting to have both lanes reopened by mid-September. We’ll provide more updates over the coming weeks.

We appreciate your patience with this project. If you have any questions or feedback please contact Infrastructure@Strathmore.ca


Project Update: April 29, 2021

North Star Contracting is ready to begin work on the Westridge Road Rehabilitation Project.  Construction is tentatively scheduled to begin Tuesday, May 25, 2021 with mobilization and set up to take place the week of May 17. 

This is a two-year project. Phase 1, the civil construction portion of the project will continue until the end of September 2021 (weather dependent).  The sidewalk, pathway, and landscaping components of the projected are expected to be installed and completed in 2022.    

Please follow signage in the area indicating business access along Westridge Road.  Pedestrian access along the route will remain. If possible, please use an alternate route. If unavoidable, please be cautious and follow signage and onsite directions. When driving in the construction zone please reduce your speed and follow traffic controllers to ensure safety. Thank you for your patience during this large and complex construction project.  For questions or concerns please contact infrastructure@strathmore.ca.


Project Information

  • Westridge Road and its underground infrastructure is reaching the end of its service life and has been pending upgrades for several years.
  • As Westridge Road parallels the Trans Canada Corridor it serves as a visual gateway into the town from the west.
  • The Town has contracted the services of Allnorth Consultants Limited to complete the engineering designs to upgrade the water, sanitary mains, and carriageway along Westridge Road.
  • The Town has contracted the services of George Harris Collaborative Inc. to design pathway connectivity and landscaping between the intersection at Westridge and Westmount Road and the intersection at Highway #1 and #817 (Wheatland Trail).
  • As part of the project process, Town staff have met with local stakeholders (businesses).

 Providing Feedback 

  • We held multiple consultations with local business along Westridge Road to gather feedback form the business community
  •  A public survey was held survey Oct 30 to Nov 15. We appreciate you taking the time to look over the designs and complete the survey. Click here for the results of the digital open house.  The project team presented the results of this survey to Council to assist in the planning and design . The final design posted below was chosen.
  • A Tender for Construction was posted and closed Friday, March 19, 2021 @ 2:00 p.m. MST.  

The Design

Final Master Plan and Street Section (Below): Road design includes south to north a temporary stopping zone (hatched) for temporary loading/unloading of deliveries, adjacent to a 2-lane road traffic adjacent to a 2.0 m pathway/sidewalk and then adjacent to a 2.7 m strip of landscaping.

Westridge Road Option 2Option 2 Cross Section
Click to enlarge and see full cross section

Pathway Alignment from Westchester Road to Hwy #1 & 817 (Wheatland Trail) intersection:  To complete the pathway, the design includes removing the decommissioned service road located on Hwy #1 to Westridge/Westchester intersection) and replacing with a pathway that will meander along the highway businesses and connect to the intersection at Hwy #1/817.  The pathway will allow for a connection to the Country Lane Mall and will be constructed regardless of which option is chosen.

Westridge Pathway Alignment
Click to enlarge


Q: Why is the Town revitalizing Westridge Road?

A: Town Council has designated the beautification of the Highway corridor as a priority within the Town Council's Strategic Plan. Following on this, both the recently held Emerging Opportunities (June 2019) and the Downtown and Highway Workshop (Sept 16 & 17) confirmed that residents and business owners are concerned that currently motors travelling the Highway 1 corridor are unaware of what Strathmore has to offer and would like to see as part of the transformation of the corridor, lighting, signage and landscaping that would encourage motorists to stop and take advantage of Town amenities to shop or enjoy Town parks, ect.

The project also is a part of the Town's asset management plan with regards to the road structure renewal and utility replacements. These improvements would reduce maintenance costs and increase acceptable level of service in terms of road user comfort.

Q: How long will the project take?
A: It is anticipated that construction will begin in 2021 and be completed in 2022.
Q: How will businesses and residents be affected?
A: There will be no impact to businesses during the design phase. However, it is anticipated that there will be road closures during the underground installations of Sanitary and Water as well as road reconstruction. A schedule will be drafted and shared at a later point in the project with a minimized time frame to ensure little impact to businesses.

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