Water Conservation

Work truck and worker watering garden

Strathmore, AB | August 15, 2023 Stage 1 outdoor water restrictions are in effect Tuesday August 15, 2023 - and will remain in effect until further notice.

Due to continued dry conditions and record low natural flow levels on the Bow and Elbow Rivers, effective August 15, The City of Calgary issued Stage 1 mandatory outdoor water restrictions. This measure will help proactively manage Calgary’s water supply needed in the Glenmore Reservoir to sustain our city over the winter and into the spring, given that Environment Canada is predicting a warm and dry winter. It also supports river health and our neighbours downstream who depend on the river. Please note that drinking water quality remains high; this is an issue of water quantity, not quality.

During Stage 1 Outdoor Water Use Restrictions, as outlined in the Water Utility Bylaw, the following outdoor watering activities are allowed.

  • Using a sprinkler to water lawns, gardens, trees and shrubs is limited to one day per week according to a specific schedule that is determined by property address:
  • Property address ending with an even number can water on Wednesday or Saturday.
  • Property address ending with an odd number can water on Thursday or Sunday.
  • Watering is limited to a maximum total of two hours from 4am - 10am or 5pm - 10 p.m. Always check soil moisture first and use only the water that is needed.

On any day and at any time:

  • Watering using handheld watering can or hose with shut-off spray.
  • Watering new grass or seed.
  • Filling an outdoor pool or hot tub.
  • Using water collected in a rain barrel.
  • Watering for construction purposes such as grading, compaction or dust control.

The following outdoor watering activities are not allowed:

  • Washing outdoor surfaces, windows, exterior building surfaces, sidewalks, driveways or walkways. As an alternative, use a broom to clean hard surfaces.
  • Washing a car on a driveway or street.
  • Filling fountains or decorative features.

There are exceptions for health and safety reasons or core business needs:

  • Washing outdoor surfaces for childcare facilities, food and beverage establishments and kennel and animal care facilities.
  • Washing vehicles to follow health and safety regulations.
  • Watering plants, shrubs, and trees for sale.
  • Exterior window washing and car washing provided by a business with a license to provide these services.

Lions Spray Park and Recreational Sprinklers

During this hot summer weather, spray parks allow residents to curb their own water use by providing a more water efficient and free way for kids in the community to cool off rather than filling up kiddie pools or running in the sprinkler. Use of the Spray Park is not restricted until Stage 3. Sprinklers may be used for recreation during the watering times for Stage 1, (4am - 10am and 5pm - 10pm). 

Read the Town of Strathmore Water Utility Bylaw here, or find additional information at Calgary.ca/Restrictions.

Conditions will continue to be closely monitored to meet the essential needs of their customers and protect the environment. Updates will be provided here if there are any changes to the City of Calgary, and Town of Strathmore's drought response.

Strathmore, AB | August 3, 2023 We’re taking steps to conserve water. Here’s how you can help too!

  • Reduce the number of times a week you water your lawn. If watering is necessary, water in the early morning - before 7 a.m. or later in the evening.
  • Use a watering can or hose with an automatic shut-off nozzle to hand water gardens.
  • Avoid using water to wash sidewalks, driveways, siding and outdoor furniture.
  • Leave your grass 2-3 inches high to help retain moisture. 
  • Add mulch to garden beds to reduce evaporation. 

Southern Alberta is experiencing drought conditions and the City of Calgary’s water supplies are below normal levels for this time of year. There isn’t a mandatory restriction in place but since Strathmore’s water supply comes from Calgary, we’re working together to voluntarily conserve water. Just neighbours helping each other out.

Visit calgary.ca/droughtinfo to find updates about current conditions and more information about steps you can take to join us in reducing water consumption. 

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