Understanding Your Utility Bill

Residential Perspective

The Town of Strathmore's Utility Bills are changing in 2020. Charges are being itemized to provide greater transparency. New reserve fund fees have been implemented to support the long-term sustainability of Strathmore's Utility Infrastructure. 

Garbage Levy & Reserve Fund - Most residential properties are charges a set fee of 23.16 per property for solid waste collection and heavy item garbage removal. In January 2020, an additional $1.00 fee was added that contributes to the Utilities Infrastructure Capital Reserve.

Sewer Levy - The Sewer Levy is charged based on the volume of water consumed. The Sewer Levy has been part of Strathmore's Utility Bill for many years, but was previously not itemized on Utility Bills. In January 2020, this fee was itemized to provide greater clarity for utility customers. The levy is calculated at $2.05 per cubic metre, based on the meter waster delivered.

Sewer & Storm Sewer & Reserve - Strathmore's properties are protected by a well-engineered storm sewer system. Our sanitary sewer system ensures the efficent, responsible treastment of wastewater. Most residents are charges a set fee of 35.88. In January 2020, additional fees of $1.00 for sanitary sewer and $3.00 for storm sewer were added to contribute to the Utility Infrastrcuture Reserve Fund. 

Water Levy - Residents are billed a  consumption charge of $2.63 per cubic metre of water (1000 litres) up to 30 cubes is billed at a rate of $2.68. This variable rate enccourages water conservation by utility customers.

Water Conveyance & Mait Levy - Three charges are combined in this line item: Water Conveyance Charge, Mantenance Charge, and 1.00 for the Utility Infrastructure Reserve. These are set fees determined by meter size and do not vary according to water consumption.

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