Town of Strathmore Statement

Strathmore, Alberta

September 11, 2020

Town of Strathmore Statement

Early Friday morning a package was found outside the Strathmore Fire Hall labelled as explosive. The Strathmore Fire Department responded with established procedures. RCMP were contacted; they established a safety perimeter and an Explosive Disposal Unit was dispatched to Strathmore. The package contained commercial grade detonators which have been removed from Strathmore and will be properly disposed of professionally.

Strathmore Fire Chief Trent West: “Proper training and procedures are some of the most effective tools we have in public safety. I’m proud of our team for acting quickly and effectively today.”

Safety of the surrounding neighbourhoods did not require evacuations. Appropriate measures were taken to ensure public safety.

Mayor Pat Fule: “Public safety is a priority for the Town of Strathmore. I want to thank our Strathmore Fire Department and the RCMP for responding quickly to ensure the safety of our community. We’re especially thankful that no first responders were injured during this incident.”

Continuity of fire protection for Strathmore was ensured during the incident.

Strathmore Fire Chief Trent West: “If someone needs to dispose of explosives please call the Strathmore RCMP. They’ll ensure that these materials are disposed of safely and properly.”

Proper disposal of explosives, weapons, firearms, or ammunition is a serious responsibility. If a resident or business locates explosives contact Strathmore RCMP immediately (403) 934-3535 or 911 in an emergency. Do not transport dangerous materials to a police station or fire hall.

Strathmore Fire Chief Trent West: “We work closely with the Strathmore RCMP Detachment. I want to thank the officers from our local detachment and the Explosive Disposal Unit for safely disposing of this package today.”



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