The Conflict in Ukraine

Information and Resources on the Conflict in the Ukraine

The Russian invasion of Ukraine has ended lives, destroyed homes, and caused a flood of refugees into neighbouring countries. The effects of this conflict will ripple out in the weeks ahead around the world.

This war will cause needless suffering for millions of Ukrainians. In Russia over a thousand protestors have been arrested, with thousands more taking to the streets against the war. There will be no winners in this conflict.

About one in twelve residents of Strathmore are of Ukrainian heritage. Our country is home to the largest community of Ukrainians outside Ukraine and Russia. Our hope is for a swift, peaceful resolution.

You can make a difference. The Canada-Ukraine Foundation ( has launched a humanitarian appeal to support the Ukrainian people in conflict areas.

The Canadian Red Cross is supporting humanitarian operations through a fundraising campaign ( The Government of Canada will match individual donations until March 18.

Canada has an innovative model for supporting refugees through the Privately Sponsored Refugee program ( Learn more about how small groups can support refugee families.

The stress of conflict can affect us here. For families with relatives in the conflict areas, it can be anxiety over their safety. For people who have experienced war first-hand, it can be relived trauma from their own past. This conflict adds to the stress we’ve experienced from economic concerns, pandemic worries, and other issues.

Take a break from social media if you are feeling anxious. Seek out support from your friends and family, or from local mental health organizations like the Wheatland Crisis Society ( In distress? You can call their 24-hour crisis line at 403 934 6634.

The Canadian Centre for Cyber Security has raised alerts about malware interference against Ukrainian organizations. Get Cyber Safe ( is a trustworthy source of information on how to secure your accounts, devices, and connections.

False and misleading news alerts have been spread online by state media outlets. Only share information from trusted, primary sources. The Consulate General of the Ukraine in Edmonton (Facebook: Twitter: @UkrConsEdmonton) is a good source to start.

History shows us where the path of war leads. We cannot allow the mistakes of the past to be repeated. This unnecessary conflict must end.


Mayor Pat Fule

Town of Strathmore

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