Subsidized Counselling in Strathmore

In partnership with Wheatland Counselling, The Town of Strathmore FCSS Subsized Counselling program is an affordable, profressional service designed to address short term counselling needs and focuses on resolving client concerns. Our counsellers use a wide variety of evidence based approaches to assist clients in meeting their counselling needs.

What is it For?

It can be helpful to access support when dealing with life's problems. This program can make the difference between resolving a problem quickly and going through long period of struggle. Support is provided for a variety of concerns including, anxiety, depression, loss, marital and relationship issues, , family-conflict, parenting challenges, self-esteem and more. All subsidized counselling are confidential and provided on an affordable fee schedule determined by family income and size.

For more information or to complete and eligibility screening, contact Wheatland County Counselling 

403 901 3761


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