Siksika Day


What is Siksika Day? 

September 22 is the anniversary of the signing of Treaty 7, and is known as Siksika Day by the Siksika Nation. But this anniversary isn't a celebration. Many of the promises from the Canadian government to the Blackfoot People in the treaty were not fulfilled, and Blackfoot culture and their way of life was threatened with elimination. 

As part of the Town of Strathmore's journey to a stronger relationship with Siksika Nation, and all Indigenous residents in our community, we are establishing annual events around September 22. These events are meant to educate our community on Siksika culture and to honour their contribution to our community.

What we're doing in 2021

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has complicated our efforts to organize events this year. We're sharing three pieces with the community: A proclamation from Mayor and Council, a video interview talking about the iconic headdress, and the premier of the Town's brand featuring our Blackfoot name - Omahksikokii.  


WHEREAS: the signing of Treaty 7 took place September 22, 1877 at the historical site of the Blackfoot Crossing; and

WHEREAS: the Treaty was signed between five First Nations: the Siksika Nation, Kainai, Piikani, the Stoney-Nakoda, and the Tsuu’tina, and the Crown; and

WHEREAS: the Town of Strathmore was founded within Treaty 7 territory, and we want to acknowledge and recognize our connection with the First Peoples of this land; and

WHEREAS: the Town of Strathmore recognizes the signing of Treaty 7 was understood by First Nations as an agreement on how to live harmoniously with settlers, whereas settlers viewed it as a transfer of land entitlement, resulting in contrasting views that are important for us to acknowledge so we can make progress on the journey towards reconciliation; and

WHEREAS: the Town of Strathmore commits to learn together, move forward more collaboratively, build stronger relationships and address opportunities and concerns as a community; and

WHEREAS: the Town of Strathmore wishes to express our honour and respect for the ongoing efforts towards peaceful coexistence and shared community;


Video Interview with Councillor Kent Ayoungman

The headdress is one of the most iconic pieces of regalia of the Blackfoot Peoples. It has also been co-opted and commercialized by non-Indigenous people. Siksika Councillor Kent Ayoungman shared his knowledge of Blackfoot culture and history, and his experiences caring for a headdress with us in this video. We will be sharing the video at 3:00pm, September 22, 2021.


Siksika Nation members have lived in Strathmore since our community's founding. The recent rebranding of the Town with our new logo is an opportunity to honour their role in our community by featuring the Blackfoot name for Strathmore alongside this logo. We will use this 'Omahksikokii' logo for some of our cultural events and other programs throughout the year alongside our 'Strathmore' logo. 

Baseball Caps featuring Omahksikokii logo

We're also encouraging members of the public to purchase our brand-new Omahksikokii hats at the Strathmore Municipal Building. Hats are available at the front counter for $25+gst. Proceeds from these purchases will be used to support future Siksika Day activities. Showing your pride in Omahksikokii is a way to make Siksika members feel welcome in our community! 

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