Land Titles Office Delays

Have you purchased real estate since November?

Contact the Town to avoid missing the property tax deadline

Alberta’s hot real estate market is creating a backlog at the Alberta Land Titles office. They’re currently registering land title documents received in February 2022. This means that real estate transactions since then are not complete, and the land title has not been transferred to the new owner. Land titles are important because they provide a proof of ownership of a piece of property.

The Town of Strathmore is required by law to send property tax notices to the legal owners of real estate in Strathmore. Property taxes are collected for Town operations and on behalf of the Province for education funding.

If you have purchased property in Strathmore since November 1, 2021 your transaction may not have been completed. This means the property tax notice for your home or business will be sent to the previous owner. Contact our Property Tax Clerk (ph: 403 361 2114 | email: to receive an interim statement.

The deadline to pay property taxes without a 10% penalty is June 30, 2022. Contact the Town of Strathmore Property Tax Clerk for more information or to sign up for the Tax Installment Payment Plan.

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