Goodbye Gophers!

Gopher in green grass with text overlaid

Richardson Ground Squirrels can be cute to watch, but extensive burrows from large populations are a safety concern for residents and pets. The Town has received feedback regarding a need for gopher control in Strathmore and we are acting on a pest management plan.

Spring is the best time of year to take action on Richardson Ground Squirrels. Starting today the Town is working with contractors at the following locations to control gopher populations:

  • Town of Strathmore Dog Park (Slater Road)
  • Maplewood Triangle & Brentwood School Grounds
  • Strathmore Cemetery
  • Centennial Birth Forest
  • Lions Canal Park / Grande Pointe Park

Two control methods will be used: Bait stations and a foaming, environmentally friendly product.

Locking bait stations will be set up at the Slater Road Dog Park and surrounding natural area. Ground squirrels will be stimulated by the bait and they will bring it back into their burrows to feed other gophers. The bait used is what is called a multiple feed bait, meaning they may have to eat it a few times. Every 48 hours these bait stations will be refilled as well as the whole park will receive a thorough inspection. This method has been chosen to help so that the natural areas around the dog park can get a level of control as well as the area inside the park boundaries. These stations fully lock up so no dogs should be able to access the bait, and they would have to ingest three full bait stations’ worth or 30 ground squirrel carcasses to become ill.

The second method requires an environmentally friendly foaming product which provides a non-toxic approach with gophers dying inside the burrow systems. This type of control measure will take multiple years to control entire areas, but we expect a drastic decrease in populations during the first year. These areas that are being treated will still be susceptible to outside gophers moving into the locations after treatments are done. All above-ground carcasses that are found, which should be minimal, will be removed during control days.

Our Parks Team will be evaluating our pest management plan this year. We expect to see significant progress in controlling gopher populations in these priority areas. If you have feedback or questions, please feel welcome to share them with us through our online board.

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