Fire Department Assists with Alberta Wildfires

Strathmore Fire Department

Strathmore, Alberta - September 20, 2023 - On September 15, the Alberta Emergency Management Agency (AEMA) requested assistance with the firefighting efforts in Hay River, NWT. The Strathmore Fire Department has responded by deploying a type 6 Engine (Bush Truck) and 3 personnel. 

Strathmore, Alberta - June 2, 2023 
- Strathmore’s deployed fire crews and equipment returned this past weekend from assisting with the wildfires burning in east-central Alberta. They were just in time to swap out with fresh equipment and personnel who are traveling to Fort Chipewyn to assist with an out-of-control wildfire in the area.

The Alberta Emergency Management Agency contacted our Director of Emergency Management on Tuesday, May 30, requesting deployment of resources. Our Team at the Strathmore Fire Department is developing a provincial reputation of reliability and excellence, after receiving a 5/5 performance rating from Alberta Wildfire for their assistance with the fires in Central Alberta.

The Strathmore Fire Department has deployed two crew members, two bush buggies and an Incident Management Personnel in response to this latest request.

Fire Chief and Director of Emergency Management, David Sturgeon has taken this opportunity to share his expertise and gain additional experience by accepting the Incident Management request for this deployment. Careful consideration went into this decision. Chief Sturgeon is confident that Strathmore has the resources and personnel required to tackle possible emergencies during his absence.

Join us in thanking the courageous members of the Strathmore Fire Department and wishing them a safe return home.

Strathmore, Alberta – May 24, 2023 – In response to the ongoing wildfire crisis, the town of Strathmore is mobilizing its resources to provide assistance to affected areas. After successfully completing their deployment, a crew of five firefighters are on their way back to Strathmore, while another crew of five firefighters is being dispatched to continue the efforts. The town has also previously deployed a fire truck engine and a support truck to support the firefighting operations.

Disasters of this magnitude often require additional resources beyond what is available locally. Recognizing the importance of mutual aid among first responders, the Emergency Management community is always ready to extend a helping hand. Emergency Management personnel undergo specialized training that equips them to respond to emergencies anywhere, ensuring prompt assistance in times of need.

At the local level, Strathmore manages its emergency partnerships through the Wheatland Regional Emergency Management Partnership (WREMP). This collaborative initiative guarantees that in the event of an emergency within the area, partner communities stand ready to provide support. With the invaluable backing of regional partners, Strathmore can allocate its resources to other areas while upholding the safety and well-being of its own community.

This commitment to protecting lives, property, and the environment extends far beyond the local level—it is a shared value embraced by all Emergency Management personnel. The dedication and selflessness of firefighters and emergency responders are deserving of gratitude and recognition. As they work tirelessly to safeguard the lives and livelihoods of Albertans, we encourage everyone to keep them in their thoughts, wishing them success in their efforts and a safe return home.

May 7, 2023

The Strathmore Fire Department is assisting with the devastating fires burning west of Edmonton.

To aid with ongoing fire-control efforts, SFD has dispatched two firefighters, Incident Management Team personnel, and several pallets of Emergency Social Services supplies.
Our Team is ready to dispatch more resources in the coming days if required, including additional personnel and a water tender.
Resources are being dispatched in conjunction with the Chestermere Fire Department.
When disaster strikes it often requires more resources to tackle than what’s available locally. The Emergency Management community is always ready to lend a helping hand to their fellow first responders. Emergency Management personnel take specialized training that helps them jump into any emergency, anywhere to assist.

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