Experience a celebration of arts, culture, and diversity.

teepee outdoors in front of the Strathmore Municipal Building. Text overlay: Alberta Culture Days

Town of Strathmore FCSS and Partners Present a Vibrant Alberta Culture Days Celebration.

STRATHMORE, ALBERTA | July 19, 2023 – Get ready to experience a celebration of arts, culture, and diversity as the Town of Strathmore proudly presents its highly anticipated Alberta Culture Days event on Saturday, September 16th.

This year's celebration is projected to be the Town's largest Alberta Culture Days event yet! Free events will take place across the community, including at Kinsmen Park, the Vault Cultural Collective, the Wheatland Arts Society, and the Strathmore Municipal Library.

"Strathmore is a vibrant community with diverse cultures, rich heritage, and captivating tales. Alberta Culture Days is an opportunity to learn about Strathmore’s history and showcase the exceptional strengths of our community," said FCSS Special Projects Coordinator Emily Pye.

Kinsmen Park will host a multi-cultural celebration with an Indigenous showcase, live entertainment, a cultural market, global cuisine, and interactive demonstrations.

Creating a connected community is a priority for Town of Strathmore Council. In their strategic plan, Council has indicated that Intentional Community Development and Community Wellness are a key focus for this term. Creating opportunities for people to come together can foster friendships and lay groundwork for safer neighbourhoods. The Culture Days event aims to do just that.

“By bringing our community together, we’re creating connections with people and cultures. This event allows us to celebrate our differences while reminding us that we all share things in common too,” Pye added.

The Town of Strathmore is currently accepting vendor applications for the Alberta Culture Days market. Makers, creators, and culinary artisans are invited to apply for this opportunity to share their talents and creations. Interested vendors can apply at Strathmore.ca/CultureDays.

The 2023 Alberta Culture Days event receives funding support from the Government of Alberta through the Settlement, integration, and language projects grants. If you are interested in being involved with the Alberta Culture Days event or ongoing culture and well-being initiatives with the Town of Strathmore, you can reach out to Strathmore FCSS at 403-934-9090.

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