Council Meeting Highlights

Wednesday, November 10, 2021

In attendance: Mayor Fule, Councillor Wegener, Councillor Wiley, Councillor Peterson, Councillor Montgomery, Councillor Mitzner, Councillor Langmaid

The Town of Strathmore Council received reports from Protective Services and appointed Council Members to external committees:

  • Staff Sergeant Mark Wielgosz presented Council with a Quarterly Policing Report. The report several contained initiatives, with a focus on crime reduction and community engagement.
  • Director of Community and Protective Services, Mark Pretzlaff introduced New Fire Chief, David Sturgeon to Council. Deputy Chief Bas Owel then presented Council with an operational update from the Strathmore Fire Department.
  • Deputy Chief Owel was thanked by Administration and Council for his exceptional work as Interim Fire Chief.
  • Council approved funding through the Community Improvement Program for the Strathmore Disk Golf Club and the Strathmore Performing Arts Festival Association.
  • Council approved the 2021 lease agreement with the Strathmore Curling Club.
  • Council was presented with a Memorandum of Understanding between the Town of Strathmore and Strathmore Handibus Association.
    • A motion was made to have this item come back at the December 8th meeting and that the December 8th meeting should be a Committee of the Whole Meeting. The motion passed. In a separate motion Council itemized specific information for Administration to provide Council regarding the MOU. The motion passed.
  • Council members we nominated and appointed to several external committees.
  • Council went in camera to discuss items pertaining to FOIP sections 17(4)(f) and 24 (1)(a).
  • Members of the public were appointed to the Town of Strathmore Municipal Library Board.

Council Highlights provides a brief review of the information and discussion provided at Strathmore Town Council Meetings. Council Highlights are not presented as official minutes of the meeting. Official meeting minutes can be accessed on the relevant date on the Council Calendar.”

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