Council Meeting Highlights, October 18, 2023

Strathmore Council Chambers

Council Highlights provides a brief review of the information and discussion provided at Strathmore Town Council Meetings. Council Highlights are not presented as official minutes of the meeting. Official meeting minutes can be accessed on the relevant date on the Council Calendar.

In attendance: Mayor Fule, Councillor Langmaid, Councillor Mitzner, Councillor Montgomery, Councillor Peterson, and Councillor Wiley

1.Consent Agenda
Item 9.4 was moved from the consent agenda for Council discussion. All other items were passed.

  • 8.1 Regular Council Meeting Minutes - October 4, 2023
  • 9.1 Property Tax Relief Request - 243 Hillcrest Boulevard
  • 9.2 Letter to Minister of Transportation and Economic Corridors
  • 9.3 Letter to MLA Chantelle de Jonge
  • 9.4 Seniors Property Tax Rebate Program Policy No. 5103
  • 12.1 Letter from Municipal Affairs Regarding Lead by Example Powwow - Received October 4, 2023 

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2. Seniors Property Tax Rebate Program Policy
Council adopted the amended Seniors Property Tax Rebate Program Policy No. 5103. The amendments removed current income thresholds from the policy, aligning them with the income thresholds as listed on the Government of Alberta Special Needs Assistance for Seniors webpage. The Seniors Property Tax Rebate Program began in 2019 and aims to ensure certain levels of affordability by offering a small financial property tax rebate to low-income senior property owners. 

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-Read the policy presented here.

3. Cemetery Bylaw
Council gave first and second reading to Cemetery Bylaw No. 23-21 which would repeal Cemetery Bylaw 14-16. The bylaw will come back for third reading on November 1, 2023. 

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-Read the bylaw presented here.


4. Property Tax Penalty and Installment Payment Bylaw
Council adopted the Property Tax Penalty and Installment Payment Bylaw. This bylaw provides a balanced and collaborative approach to property tax collection by creating a fair and equitable property tax penalty system.


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-Read the policy presented here.

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