Council Meeting Highlights, November 2, 2022

Wednesday November 2, 2022

In attendance: Mayor Fule, Deputy Mayor Peterson, Councillor Langmaid, Councillor Mitzner, Councillor Montgomery, Councillor Wegener, Councillor Wiley

At last evening’s Council Meeting, Council received an update regarding the Memorial Pow Wow in Honour of Kristian Ayoungman and they discussed the Rural Renewal Stream Program.

  • Council rescheduled the Public Hearing regarding the Townhouse Variance Request to December 7, 2022.
  • Council reviewed the Municipal Sustainability Initiative (MSI) Grant, Occupational Health and Safety Policy 1502, and the WHMB and WADEMSA reports as part of the Consent Agenda. They also appointed Avail LLP for 2022 Audit Services as part of the ominous vote.
  • FCSS presented information to Council regarding the Memorial Pow Wow in Honour of Kristian Ayoungman. The Pow Wow is scheduled for March, and the proposed location is the Strathmore Motor Products Sports Centre.
  • Council adopted the amended Memorial Tree and Bench Purchasing Policy 7603.
  • Council adopted the amended Winter Road, Pathway and Sidewalk Maintenance Policy 3201.
  • Council reviewed the option to apply for the grants that would support two Rural Renewal Streams applications. The Rural Renewal Streams support community capacity and readiness to attract newcomers and funds training projects that provide skill development for newcomers. At a future meeting Council will receive a list of potential programs that the grant will be spent on, and Council will have an opportunity to provide further feedback.
  • Deputy Mayor Peterson gave an update on the Wheatland Housing Management Body Board.

Council Highlights provides a brief review of the information and discussion provided at Strathmore Town Council Meetings. Council Highlights are not presented as official minutes of the meeting. Official meeting minutes can be accessed on the relevant date on the Council Calendar.

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