Council Meeting Highlights December 1, 2021

Wednesday December 1, 2021

In attendance: Mayor Fule, Deputy Mayor Montgomery, Councillor Langmaid, Councillor Mitzner, Councillor Peterson, Councillor Wegener, Councillor Wiley

The Town of Strathmore Council received reports from administration and passed several motions.

  • Bruce Klaiber presented Council with information regarding the historical significance of the Strathmore Demonstration Farm as it relates to the Legacy Farm project Area Structure Plan.
  • The Planning and Development Department gave an accompanying presentation explaining Area Structure Plans, for Council’s information.
  • Council received a final report outlining the full cost for the removal of hazardous materials from the land leased to Capital Power for the Solar Farm. Capital Power shared a portion of the final costs.
  • The Strathmore Fire Department presented to Council about the Hope’s Cradle Baby Box project. This initiative would provide a safe location for a mother to surrender a child without prosecution. The Strathmore Emergency Services Members Association and the charity Gems for Gems are providing the funding for the program.
  • Council was presented the Draft Financial Report to September 30, 2021. The report was accepted as information.
  • Kevin Scoble was officially appointed by Council as the Town of Strathmore Chief Administrative Officer.
  • Council received reports from the Wheatland Housing Board and the Wheatland and District Emergency Medical Services Board. Council accepted these reports as information.
  • The Director of Community and Protective Services answered questions from Council regarding the Restriction Exemption Program and its implementation in the recreation facilities.
  • Council gave second and third reading to Bylaw 21-20, Business Licensing Bylaw.
  • Council moved to bring Bylaw 21-29, Council Procedure Bylaw to a Committee of the Whole Meeting in 2022 for discussion. The motion was passed.
  • Councillor Peterson highlighted the success of this year’s “Stuff a Christmas Stocking for a Senior” program.
  • Councillor Montgomery received a response to an administrative inquiry. The response clarified that the RCMP will provide transportation to those who are being released from custody in inclement weather.
  • Following and in camera session Council passed a motion regarding the allocation of funds for the IT Back Up System Project.

Council Highlights provides a brief review of the information and discussion provided at Strathmore Town Council Meetings. Council Highlights are not presented as official minutes of the meeting. Official meeting minutes can be accessed on the relevant date on the Council Calendar.


Watch the full meeting here. 

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