Committee of the Whole Highlights, May 10, 2023

Wednesday May 10, 2023

In attendance: Mayor Fule, Deputy Mayor Wegener, Councillor Langmaid, Councillor Peterson, Councillor Mitzner, Councillor Montgomery, Councillor Wiley

At least evening’s Committee of the Whole Meeting Council discussed their procedural bylaw, had a first look at the 2024 budgeting process and reviewed options for the for $198,000 increase in municipal tax revenue.

  • Administration presented the Off-Site Levy Annual Report from 2022.
  • Council reviewed their Alberta Municipalities Resolution for Provincial Indigenous Awareness Training & Support. The resolution will return to Council at a later date for finalization.
  • Council discussed amendments to the Council Procedural Bylaw. Council's Procedure Bylaw governs how Council Meetings are run. By reviewing the Bylaw and making necessary changes, Council is able to ensure that meetings are run smoothly and decisions are made effectively.
  • Administration gave Council a first look at the 2024 Capital and Operating Budget Timelines.
  • Council reviewed options for the for $198,000 increase in municipal tax revenue.
  • Administration requested funds to improve the snow dump in order to ensure we are meeting environmental requirements for containing snow and that the melted snow does not leave the site.

Council Highlights provides a brief review of the information and discussion provided at Strathmore Town Council Meetings. Council Highlights are not presented as official minutes of the meeting. Official meeting minutes can be accessed on the relevant date on the Council Calendar.

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