Municipal Building

Construction has started for building the new Municipal Building located on the North side of Kinsmen Park.

The Town broke ground on the new municipal building. Check out the video to see how we celebrated.

Construction has kicked off for the new municipal building. The new municipal building will be an integral part of the vitalization and enhancement of Downtown Strathmore. The next step in the project is PCL Construction has taken over the area to begin work based on the construction plan and schedule for the new municipal building. Scroll down for more information on updates, project background, benefits, FAQ’s and social media links. 

Municipal Building New Design Render

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Project Background

The current location is at capacity and as with other older, overcrowded buildings, health and safety issues have arisen. The need for a new space is required to address these issues, allow for expansion and provide “one stop” services to residents and businesses as Strathmore grows.

Council made the decision to locate the new municipal building in the north-east corner of the Kinsmen Park parking lot. Previous Councils and current Council have carefully listened to feedback, criticism and considered all options to come to this decision. Considerations such as cost, location (far from downtown), existing leases in place, and inability to house all current and future staff with no potential for expansion led to this option to accommodate future Town needs.

Kinsmen Park will remain an integral and vital place in the community. The goal with the new Municipal Building is not to take away from the beautiful space, but to work alongside it to enhance the features of the park, while providing services in one-stop to residents and businesses.


  • One stop customer centre for access to municipal services.
  • More cost effective and efficient services to the community (saving 1 Million dollars over 10 years).
  • The current Municipal Building will become an integral part of the vitalization and enhancement of Downtown Strathmore.
  • The location of Kinsmen Park is a hub for many community events and gatherings that bring our community together. The location will also bring more people into the downtown area of Strathmore.
  • Parking: There will be new parking stalls to accommodate for the current parking. The new building will not take away from the current parking. 
  • The current building will be torn down and made available for seniors housing developments.


 Q: Why was the decision made to building a new space vs. renovating the current office space or purchasing an existing building?
 A: Detailed environmental and engineering assessments were conducted to determine if the current space could be renovated to alleviate the health and safety issues and accommodate growth. The results indicated that it was not cost effective to upgrade and renovate the space.Regarding purchasing and renovating existing buildings, this was also investigated, and it was felt that it was also not cost effective to renovate each space and it would not be efficient for residents and businesses to conduct Town business if they are required to visit multiple locations. A ‘one-stop shop’ was deemed the best solution going forward. A new building will also allow for enhanced accessibility for people with disabilities.
 Q: Why is the location of the Municipal Building in Kinsmen Park?
 A: Kinsmen Park is a hub of the community and located in Strathmore’s vibrant downtown area. Ensuring residents and businesses can access the Town’s services in a central location is important to ensuring the efficient delivery of services. The Municipal Building will become an integral part of the revitalization and enhancement of Downtown Strathmore.
 Q: Where can I park now that the North parking lot in Kinsmen Park is closed?
 A: The new municipal building construction has begun in the north parking lot in Kinsmen Park. The parking has been a concern for residents and we hear you. For the duration of the project we have outlined available parking (see the map) to highlight alternative spots such as Lakeside Blvd, Lambert Park and the Ball Diamond Parking lot to grab a spot as you shop and enjoy the park. Click here to see the full parking diagram.
 Q: What do you mean by the parking lot at the North end of Kinsmen Park? Where exactly would the municipal building be built?
A: The North end of Kinsmen park is the location of the new municipal building. There will be new parking stalls to accommodate for the current parking. Once built, the new municipal building will not take away from the amount of parking stalls that were previously available
 Q: How can I access Kinsmen Park and the Pathways?
A:  Kinsmen Park is still open! Access to the North End of the park takes a few extra steps. We've outlined the detour route for you to access the park and pathways in the park. Make your way to the crosswalk at Fourth Ave and Lakeside Blvd for access to the park. Click here to view the map.
 Q: What will the new municipal building look like?
A: The Town is working with PCL Construction to finalize plans; however, a rendering of the outside design has been completed and is available to view here[TL1] . As construction continues we will share updates on design and features. Click here to see a rendering of the building.
 Q: What are the features of the new facility?

A: The proposed features include: community space that can be used by local groups to offer programs and services to the public (weekends and after hours), Council Chambers and space for all Town of Strathmore staff to provide services to the community with the exception of the Fire Department and Operations departments.

 Q: What will happen with trees and shrubs that arebeing removed from Kinsmen Park?
 A: Due to construction some trees have been removed and transplanted. The healthiest trees being removed around the Devonian Gardens are finding new homes around the Town. Trees will only be moved if absolutely necessary. Our teams will be watching carefully for wildlife and follow protocols to conserve and protect as necessary. And more good news, as a part of the project over 130 trees will be planted upon completion
 Q: How can I stay informed of the future updates to the municipal building?
 A: The Town’s website and social media channels are the best sources for ongoing updates.Click here to download the Frequently Asked Questions. Stay Informed on Facebook and Instagram: @TownofStrathmore Twitter: @Strathmore_Town 

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