Kinsmen Lake Dredge

Project Scope

Kinsmen Park is the crown jewel of Strathmore. The park is one of Strathmore's most used and most iconic places. Starting September 9th, The Town of Strathmore will start measures to begin dredging Kinsmen Lake. Work is expected to take approximately two weeks which will improve water quality and flow by removing extra sediment.

Water will not be drawn down. Instead, the water will be drawn through a centrifuge to dry the soil and the clean water will be recycled back into the lake.  Excavated soil will be taken to the landfill.


Q: Why are we doing this project? 
A: The project is necessary as sediment buildup is blocking the main inlet pipe to the lake. This blockage is reducing the ability of the drainage system to hold back water and prevent flooding. Sediment removal will also improve overall water quality.
 Q: How will the park be affected?
 A: Sediment will be removed before future improvements to the park begin. Excavation will require the north end of the park to be temporarily closed, this will also include the parking lot at the north end due to the use of large machinery. Alternatively, parking can be found at the ball diamond on the south end of the park.
 Q: How long will the project take?
 A: The project will take approximately two weeks, with the contractor on site September 9th and the dredging to begin by September 11th.
Q: How much does the project cost?
 A: The cost for the project, budgeted by the Town, is $300,000.

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