Temporary Outdoor Patio Permits

Couple sitting on temporary patio


To better support our local businesses, and to adhere to the Government of Alberta's new COVID restrictions, the Town of Strathmore has started a Temporary Outdoor Patio Pilot Project. This project will allow restaurant owners to submit a free application to obtain a temporary approval for an outdoor patio.

 You can submit an application by completing the following steps:

  1. Read through the Guidelines and the Terms and Conditions (within the application package)
  2. Sign the statutory declaration indicating you’ve read the Guidelines and Terms and Conditions and agree to them.
  3. Email your signed Statutory Declaration and site plan to development@strathmore.ca.
  4. Get started on building your patio once you’ve received confirmation that we’ve received the application.
    1. Please only start construction if you’re not requesting the use of public sidewalks or street parking stalls for your temporary patio, and
    2. With the understanding that you’re starting constructed at your risk.
  5. Once the Town has approved the patio, and you’ve finished constructing it, contact the Strathmore Fire Department to schedule an inspection.
  6. Don’t forget to follow up with AHS and AGLC to ensure no other license or inspections are required.

Did you know?
The Government of Alberta has introduced a Small and Medium Enterprise Relaunch Grant which provides funding for small- and medium-sized businesses, co-ops and non-profits impacted by COVID-19 to offset a portion of their costs. Learn more about it here.

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