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 Feature Article from the April 2022 Business News Letter.       
Tourism can be extremely beneficial for an area, bringing more money into the local economy, helping to attract investment from businesses and allowing existing businesses in the area to thrive. It can enrich and revitalise villages, towns, cities, resorts, regions, and countries.


What are visitors looking for in a destination?

Visitor expectations are related to several features: culture, architecture, culinary, infrastructure, landscape, events, and shopping. These features attract people to the destination and contribute to the overall visitor experience.

Are you interested in tourism?

Tourism could be an area to expand  an existing business or establish a new business.  Everything from tours to events and experiences can be developed as products and services for visitors to purchase.

When starting a tourism business - you must provide a memorable experience for your customer. It’sessential, as it’s one of the most fundamental reasons why tourism exists.

Is Strathmore a visitor destination?

Yes – it is! There are many unique and interesting aspects about Strathmore. Our businesses create an authentic identity of the community, and our community has a powerful story, building connection to experiences.

In addition, Strathmore is a destination for Sports Tourism, weddings and agriculture. The Strathmore Stampede places us on a global stage, and the Town hosts several distinctive events that attract visitors each year.

Here are 10 examples of tourism businesses:

  1. Farm Tours
  2. Airbnb Rentals & Experiences
  3. Local Cuisine Cooking Class
  4. Souvenir Sales
  5. Cultural/Heritage Tours
  6. Educational Visits
  7. Water Sport Activities
  8. Local Art Workshops
  9. Scavenger Hunts
  10. Studio/Behind the Scenes Visits

Use Your Local Expertise to Start and Grow a Tourism Business

 You probably do business in Strathmore because you love your location. Don’t be afraid to use everything you know about Strathmore to improve your business . Share valuable tips on the best places to go, the must-see sights and your favourite restaurants! Your customers will be impressed by how well you know the area, adding to your credibility.

Join the Tourism Community

 The  tourism industry depends on having quality businesses to attract visitors to the destination, and keep them there long enough to convert them into customers. Connect with other businesses in the area to build a destination that will make people want to visit and come back.

Become a pillar of the tourism community by:

  • Hosting meet ups and networking events with other local business partners
  • Offering local promotions to your peers and their friends and families.
  • Referring customers to other businesses.


For information on grant opportunities to build a tourism product or experience, check out the links below:

Travel Alberta Tourism Grant – Cooperative Investment Fund, Rural Development and Promotion

Tourism Investment Program | Travel Alberta

PrairiesCan Grant – Tourism Relief Fund


Read the full April 2022 Business Newsletter here. 

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