Summer Adventure Kits

Program Overview

The Town of Strathmore is helping families in our community to stay active, healthy, and engaged this summer! Our Summer Adventure Kits have been designed for youth from 5 – 15, with two distinct packages for children and teens.

Over three hundred children in our community benefited from our Family Fun Kits in April and May. Feedback from these families was used to create our new Summer Adventure Kits, with new activities, games, and projects.

We want to help as many families as possible. Limit of one Family Fun Kit per household; kits are distributed on a first-come/first-served basis. Families who did not register for a Family Fun Kit in April/May will be prioritized for Summer Adventure Kits.

Summer Bucket List Kit (designed for ages 5 - 12)

The Summer List Kit is made for safe, outdoor fun! We've included bubble mix, sidewalk chalk, glow sticks, a frisbee, water balloons, seeds, and a Dairy Queen coupon - all put together in a convenient bucket! We've also put together a starter Bucket List for you to add other activities to here!

Tarps for Teens (designed for ages 13 - 16)

This kit can be used for a thousand possibilities and your imagination is the limit! We've included a tarp, stakes, rope, and a Dairy Queen coupon. To jumpstart ideas, we compiled 20+ things you can do with this kit here. 

Registration and Downloads

Complete the registration if you'd like to have a Summer Adventure Kit delivered to your home. If you already have the supplies, you can download the activities sheets and get started today! Delivery of Family Fun Kits will start Monday, June 1, 2020. Register Now

This initiative is open to residents of Strathmore only. If you are seeking an exception, please contact us.


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