In Town Residential Business License

Click here for the Business License Application Form.

The Fees for Business Licenses can be found in the Fees Bylaw.

Anyone operating a business within Town limits must apply for a Business License.  If the business is located within the Town of Strathmore and has a municipal address, it is classified as a Residential Business License.

A business can be run from a Commercial, Industrial, or Home location.  Home based businesses require a Development Permit in addition to a Business License.  There are two different classifications for home based businesses:  Home Occupations and Home Offices.  For more information on these two classifications of home based businesses, see “Requirements for Home Based Businesses”.

A business operating out of a Commercial or Industrial area will be approved if the Use is Permitted and all the conditions are met.  The applicant must fill out an application form and pay the corresponding fees.

If the Use is Discretionary, the application must be advertised for 1 week in a local paper and written notification must be circulated to adjacent landowners.  Adjacent landowners have the right to appeal the application within the 2 week appeal period.

Out of Town Non-Residential Business License

Anyone conducting business in the Town of Strathmore must apply for a Business License.  If the business is situated outside of the Town limits, it is classified as a Non-Residential Business License.

Other Business Licenses

See Schedule “A” of the Business License Bylaw #10-08  for the Fee Schedule and Business License Classifications.

Provincial Approval

Provincial Approval is required if:

  • Prepayment for any portion of the contract is received;
  • You buy, sell, lease, repair and or maintain automobiles, trucks, or recreational vehicles; or
  • You manufacture or process food products intended for human consumption

Invoicing for Business Licenses

A Business License is valid for the calendar year of the application date.  The calendar year runs from January 1, of the current year to December 31, of the same year.  After July 1, any new applications for Residential Business Licenses will be pro-rated to half (50%) of the yearly fee.  Invoices are mailed out within the first 2 weeks of December.

If you are no longer operating a business within the Town of Strathmore, it is your responsibility to either contact the Town, or to sign at the bottom of your invoice, verifying that you are no longer operating a business.  Closed businesses will not be invoiced.

Fees are due and payable by the last week in January of the current calendar year.  Anyone operating a business without paying the associated fees is in violation of the Business License Bylaw #10-08.  To obtain a Business License, an Application Form  must be filled out and the fee is to be paid in full.  Business Licence forms are also available at the Town Office.  Click here for Business License Fees.