Design work for the new Regional Recreation Facility and kindergarten to grade 9 Public School is nearing completion.  Design modifications to the school were completed and approved in November.  The new design has been forwarded to the structural, electrical and mechanical consultants and they can now commence completion of the building construction drawings.   With these design changes completed, the schedule for tendering is being revised.  It is anticipated that these tender packages will be prepared in January 2017 and released in February or March 2017.

The revised construction schedule, depending on weather and unforeseen circumstances, anticipates a 12- 16 month process with construction commencing in Spring 2017.

Formal application to the Canada Green Building Council for LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) has been submitted for a LEED Silver certification.

A sponsorship strategy is being developed to provide the opportunity for corporations, businesses, organizations and individuals to participate in this exciting and unique partnership project.   This will include but not be limited to naming rights, sponsorships, equipment purchases, cash and in-kind service donations. 


Town Council has approved the 2017 Budget based on the principles of: providing for a safe and healthy community, sustaining essential services, preserving assets and infrastructure, stimulating the economy through capital investment and upholding responsible financial stewardship.

The Operating Budget for 2017 is $31,414,718.00 and includes a residential tax adjustment of 1% and a commercial tax adjustment of 2% on the municipal portion of the property tax. In addition to tax adjustments, $732,500.00 will be drawn from reserves to balance the Operating Budget. The Largest category of expenditure is contracted and general services. The Town has two very large contracts; one for policing and one which includes the operation of the water distribution system, waste water collection and treatment and storm water collection.

The annual tax adjustment for a residential property with an assessed value of $300,000.00 will be $16.00 on the municipal portion of the property tax. The annual tax adjustment for a commercial property with an assessed value of $300,000.00 will be $38.00 on the municipal portion of the property tax.

The 2017 Capital Budget is projected to be $21,012,000.00 The Capital Budget will be funded by grants, partnership contributions, borrowing and reserves. The largest capital project is the Regional Recreation Faciility at $10,000,000.00 The Golden Hills School Division and Wheatland County are contributing 50% of the cost of this joint partnership project.

A portion of the property tax is an education tax which the Town collects on behalf of the Alberta Government. The Province generally sets the education tax in April or early May each year.

Property Assessment Notices will be mailed by the Town in January 2017 and Property Tax Notices will be mailed in May of 2017.

Contact: Mel Tiede, Director of Corporate Services



David Price, Chair GHSD Board of Trustees
Glenn Koester, Reeve, Wheatland County
Michael Ell, Mayor, Town of Strathmore

Representatives of Lacrosse

Representatives of the Happy Gang

Representatives of Soccer

Representatives of Pickleball

Members of Wheatland County Council, Members of the Board of Trustees of Golden Hills School Division and Members of the Town of Strathmore Council




A unique partnership is bringing a new fieldhouse to life in Strathmore.  The partnership between the Town of Strathmore, Wheatland County and the Golden Hills School Division has made it possible to advance the multigenerational recreation facility in conjunction with the construction of a new Kindergarten to Grade 9 School.  Each of the partners is contributing capital dollars to the facility. 

The facility will provide space for soccer, lacrosse, basketball, volleyball, badminton and pickleball and will also have an elevated walking/running track. 

“It is an exciting opportunity that the Town just could not pass up, said Councillor Pat Fule.                   

The collaboration between the three partners in pooling resources is resulting in an exceptional recreation facility being constructed now.”

The school and fieldhouse will be located at the corner of George Freeman Trail and Edgeview Road.  Floor plan details and a joint use agreement are being finalized.

What is the Regional Recreation Facility (RRF) project?      

The RRF is a fieldhouse which will provide needed indoor, year round multigenerational recreation facilities for residents of Strathmore, Wheatland County and organized sports groups to use.

Who is involved in the project?    

The RRF has been planned and will be constructed by three partners:  the Town of Strathmore, Wheatland County and the Golden Hills School Division.  

What are the primary components of it?    

The facility provides for all types of gymnasium sports including soccer, lacrosse, pickleball, volleyball, basketball and badminton. There will also be dressing rooms and an elevated walking/running track. The facility is being constructed to accommodate trade shows and other special events as well.

Why is it needed?          

The population of the Town of Strathmore has increased by 7.9% (2015 Census) since 2012.  This brings an increased interest in recreational opportunities and existing facilities are at capacity or require long travel times.
The 2015 Town census results indicate that the percentage of the population, who answered the age category, 19 years and under is 26.8% and the percentage aged 65 and over is 15.2%.  Both of these age groups will benefit from this new facility.  The Municipal Development Plan sites population growth projections of between 21,000 – 28,000 people by 2030.

The facility also addresses the need assessment completed by Wheatland County in respect to a walking track and fieldhouse space for all ages.

A community and region with amenities for all age groups are attractive not only to individuals considering a move but also to new businesses looking to locate their offices or retail outlets.     

Where will it be located?

The RRF is being built in conjunction with a new Kindergarten to Grade 9 School and is located in Strathmore in the community of Edgefield on the corner of George Freeman Trail and Edgeview Road.  

Why at that location?

In every new community a percentage of the land to be developed must be designated for municipal or community use.   In the case of Edgefield, the developer, Bill Turnbull of Pollyco Group of companies was required to provide 2 acres of land for this purpose.  Mr. Turnbull and Pollyco donated an additional 10 acres of land for the school and fieldhouse facility. A new school and regional recreation facility will definitely create a desired amenity for Strathmore and region residents and future homeowners in Edgefield.  

Having the land already available with easy access and within a residential area made the location an easy choice. 

Why now?

In a growing regions and communities like Strathmore, there are always infrastructure and community development needs and new initiatives on the horizon. 
Additional indoor recreation facilities such as a fieldhouse were identified in the 2010 Strathmore Quality of Life Masterplan as well in a needs assessment completed by Wheatland County.  
Enrolment in schools in Strathmore continues to grow and additional capacity for Kindergarten to Grade 9 is required.  This school is sized for 500 students from Kindergarten to Grade 9 with the opportunity for expansion to increase enrolment. 

One of the goals identified in the 2014 Strathmore Municipal Development Plan is “To ensure that all opportunities for leveraging of public funds are explored in building, operating and maintaining publicly funded recreation ……..facilities…”  This joint partnership for the RRF is an opportunity that just could not be passed by.  Leveraging available land and the partners’ capital contributions to obtain a new school and a new fieldhouse recreation facility is important for all of the partners.    The Town is also pleased to work with Wheatland County to serve the regional population.
Without the partnership, a new fieldhouse would be years away.

How will it be financed?

The three partners are each contributing to the capital cost of the facility:
Town of Strathmore: $5,000,000
$2,000,000 provincial grant
$1,000,000 reserves
$2,000,000 debenture
Wheatland County $3,000,000
Golden Hills School Division  $2,000,000

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