Utility Rate Increases
The Town of Strathmore Council has approved changes to the utility rates that will come into effect on January 1, 2017.

What are the fees used for and why is the Town of Strathmore increasing rates?
The Town purchases water from the City of Calgary and is then responsible for delivery of water and sewer services to both residential and commercial customers. Delivery of clean, safe water and operation of an efficient waste water treatment system are priorities for the Town and are vital to maintain our healthy community. The Town is also committed to providing systems that meet the needs of growth and economic development in Strathmore. Water and sewer fees pay for the cost of the building, maintaining and operating these complex water distribution and sewage collection and treatment systems. The increase in rates is a result of the increase in the cost to purchase water from the City of Calgary and the increase in the costs to operate the water and sewage systems.
The garbage levy for three bags of garbage pickup weekly is also increasing slightly to reflect increased costs.

How do Strathmore rates compare?

The Town researches and compares utility rates with other communities. Even with the increases coming in January 2017, the Town of Strathmore water and sewer rates are:
  • lower than our neighbouring community of Chestermere and,
  • comparable to the rates charged by the City of Calgary to its retail customers. This is significant seeing as the Town purchases its water form the City of Calgary and the City has a larger customer base upon which to draw.
How will my utility bill be affected?
Your utility bill includes both fixed and monthly charges and variable consumption charges for water and sewer based on the cubic metres of water used. The fixed charges are for water maintenance, water conveyance, sewer maintenance and garbage collection and disposal. The variable consumption portions of your water and sewer bill are based on the amount of water you use and are within your control.
The following table shows the 2016 and 2017 residential utility rates.

Conservation and wise water usage still pay.
Consumers who conserve and use water waisely have always paid lower water and sewer bills and this has not changed. The amount of water you use affects the variable portion of your water and sewer charges and is within your control. Lower Consumption = Lower Bill. Rates for water usage of 30 cubic metres per month or more are higher to encourage conservation.

2017 Utility Rate Increase
Meters Monthly Residential Utility Rates
  Monthly Rate January 1, 2017
Flat Water Maintenance Levy 5/8" x 3/4" & 5/8" x 1/2" $6.83 $7.18
Water Conveyance Levy $2.40 $2.52
Flat Sewer Maintenance Levy & Storm Sewer Levy $24.46 $28.04
Garbage Levy $16.39 $17.05
Total Monthly Maintenance Charge $50.08 $54.79
Variable Water Consumption 0-30 m3        $2.05/m3
Over 30m3   $2.10/ m3
0-30 m3        $2.23/m3
Over 30m3    $2.28/m3
Variable Sewer Charge $1.60/m3 $1.76/m3
Bulk Water $4.50/m3 $5.00 / m3

The Town of Strathmore "FEES, RATES, CHARGES AND PENALTIES FOR SERVICES PROVIDED BY THE MUNICIPALITY" Bylaw #13-21 has been amended by Council.
This amendment will include a need to increase the associated Utility Rates for 2017 as outlined in the above summary table.
These changes will come into effect for both Residential and the Commercial properties.
These changes will come into effect January 1, 2017.
These changes will be reflected on your January 15, 2017 bill for Route A and for Route B it will affect your January 31, 2017 bill.
This increase has come as a result of the City of Calgary increasing their water rates to the town and increase in cost running the distribution system.

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