Requirements for a Home Based Business

Do you operate a Home-based Business?  Are you aware that in the Town of Strathmore, anyone operating a business from residence requires a Development Permit to operate a home-based business? 
There are two types of home-based businesses in Strathmore.
  1.  Home Office:  you have no clients coming to your residence to receive services.  All business is conducted by phone, fax, and computer or, you go to your client’s home to deliver your services.  Several examples of a Home Office:  website management, contractors providing mobile contractor services – electrician, plumber or handy-man, mobile massage therapists, mobile counselling services.
  2. Home Occupation:  on a regular basis you have a limited number of clients coming to your home to receive services.  For example:  hairdressers, massage therapists, esthetics, dressmakers, small engine or household appliance repairs, music instructors, tutoring.
Also, both Home Office and Home Occupation business operations require the issuance of a yearly Town of Strathmore Business License.

Please contact Planning and Development (403) 934-3133 for more information, an application and applicable fees or, visit the Town’s website:

Requirements for Home Based Businesses
The intent for home based businesses is to keep the impact and effect on the neighborhood to a minimum.  The fee for a home based business is a one-time fee unless either the location of the business changes, or the nature of the business changes.  If either of changes occur, the applicant must re-apply and pay the applicable fee.  There are two classifications for home based businesses:  Home Occupations and Home Offices.
Home Office

A Home Office is a “desk-and phone” type of operation performed by a person who occupies a Dwelling as his or her private residence.  A Home Office may include, but is not limited to, the offices of accountants and bookkeepers, business and professional consultants, contractors, and catalogue and internet sales people.  An application for a Home Office is a Permitted Use in all residential districts, and shall be approved provided all conditions are met.  Click here  for an Application form for a Home Office.
Home Occupation

A Home Occupation is a business, occupation, trade, profession, or craft performed by a person who occupies a Dwelling as his or her private residence.  A Home Occupation usually results in clientele coming to the residence for services. A Home Occupation may include, but is not limited to, hairdressing, dressmaking, domestic crafts, music and/or dance instruction, bed and breakfast establishments, a day home, and tutoring.

An application for a Home Occupation is a Discretionary Use in all residential districts, and therefore the application must be advertised for 1 week in a local paper and written notification must be circulated to adjacent landowners.  Anyone claiming to be affected by the business has the right to appeal within the 2 week appeal period.

After the 2 week appeal period, the application can be approved or denied at the discretion of the Approving Authority.  The Approving Authority will review the application and the impact on the surrounding neighbourhood and community.  When applying for a Home Occupation, both the applicant and the Approving Authority must consider the following issues:
  • “How will the business affect the neighborhood?”
  • “What sort of tools or equipment will be used?”
  • “How much noise and traffic will the business create?”
  • ”What goods will be stored at the residence?”
Click here  for an Application Form for a Home Occupation.
Important Information to Include on Your Application Form
  • Ensure that the explanation of what activity will occur at the residence is very clear and descriptive.  Ensure that you accurately describe the frequency of business related vehicle trips coming to the business per day.  Business related vehicle trips include applicants, customers, and deliveries.
  • Any materials stored in the home must be listed, as well as any vehicles which will be parked at the home.  Anything over 1 ton or any heavy equipment or machinery to be used for the business must be parked at an approved site and not at the home.
  • The maximum area to be used in the operation of the business is 35 m².
It is important to include as much detail as possible when completing an application form, as this information will determine the impact on the neighborhood and will aid in the reviewing process.  Click here for an Application Form
Please review Section 3.15 Home Offices and Home Occupations in Land Use Bylaw 14-11 for further information.  Please contact Planning & Development for any further questions.

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