*Please remember there is a 3 unit limit and extra tags for garbage bags can be purchased at the Town Office for $2.20 each. Each unit is equal to: 1 garbage bag, 1 garbage container or 1 garbage bundle not exceeding weight of 34kgs.

Please note the following exceptions to the regular garbage schedule.
If the Holiday is a Thursday or Friday your garbage will be picked up on the preceding Wednesday.
If the Holiday is a Monday or Tuesday your garbage will be picked up on the following Wednesday.
YOUR garbage schedule changes ONLY when the holiday is on your regular garbage pickup day.

If your regular pick up day is a Monday or Tuesday and falls on a statutory holiday, your garbage will be picked up on the Wednesday of the same week.
If your regular pick up day is a Thursday or Friday and falls on a statutory holiday, your garbage will be picked up on the Wednesday of the same week.
A reminder to residents to have your garbage out by 7:00 AM on your normal collection day. This is to ensure no one is missed, as garbage collection "times of the day" may vary from week to week.

Garbage Removal Schedule 2017
NEW YEARS DAY Sunday, January 1/Monday January 2nd (Holiday) Wednesday, January 4
FAMILY DAY Monday, February 20 Wednesday, February 22
GOOD FRIDAY Friday, April 14 Wednesday, April 12
EASTER MONDAY Monday, April 17 Wednesday, April 19
VICTORIA DAY Monday, May 22 Wednesday, May 24
CANADA DAY Saturday, July 1 (Monday July 3) Wednesday, July 5
HERITAGE DAY Monday, August 7 Wednesday, August 9
LABOR DAY Monday, September 4 Wednesday, September 6
THANKSGIVING Monday, October 9 Wednesday, October 11
REMEMBRANCE DAY Saturday, November 11 N/A
CHRISTMAS DAY Monday, December 25 Wednesday, December 27
BOXING DAY Tuesday, December 26 Wednesday, December 27

Heavy Item Garbage

Heavy Item Garbage (HIG) is a service provided in conjunction with your garbage pickup service and is provided 5 times per year. This service is provided for residents who receive residential garbage pickup by the town to dispose of small quantities of residential items which must be able to be lifted by hand without the aid of machinery. We encourage residents to utilize the recycle facility where possible to minimize recyclable materials from entering the landfills. All items must be placed at your regular garbage pickup location by 7:00 am Monday of HIG week and affixed with a HIG sticker that is available at the town office.

PLEASE NOTE: HIG tags will NOT be given out the week of HIG Pickup.

What is heavy item garbage?

  • Washers, dryers, stoves, furniture (sofas, dressers etc.), mattress, box springs.
  • Carpet must be rolled and no longer than 4 ft.
  • Seperated/salvageable Metal materials - small quantity
  • Small amounts of lumber must also be bundled, taped and no longer than 4ft.

How to distinguish what is heavy item garbage?
  • Heavy item garbage must be marked with HIG stickers, which are available from the town office.
  • Heavy item garbage is to be placed at the location of your regular garbage pick up and must be out before 7.00 am on the Monday of pick up week.

What is not heavy item garbage?
  • Garbage bags - residential waste - these are considered regular garbage and are part of your 3 unit limit.
  • Paint cans and hazardous materials
  • Residential construction materials
  • Vehicle oil disposal or vehicle parts
  • Miscellaneous metal
  • Fridges and freezers unless freeon has been removed and item has a certificate to show this has been done *We would suggest these are taken directly to the recycle yard where they will remove freeon for a nominal fee and then dispose of the appliance.


JANUARY 23-27 / MARCH 27-31 / JUNE 26-30 / SEPTEMBER 25-29 / NOVEMBER 27-DECEMBER 1

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