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Snow removal signs have been posted on Brentwood Drive East and West, Maple Tree Way, Briarwood Road and Maplewood Drive for removal on December 2, 2015.
  • Council moved In Camera at 6:00 PM to matters under FOIPP s. 21.
  • Council adopted the agenda of the November 18, 2015 Regular Council Meeting with the following additions or deletions:
5.2  Rev. Bryan Beveridge – St. Michael and All Angels Anglican Church
5.3  Western District Historical Society
8.5  Aquatic Centre Air Handling Unit
8.6  Scope of Change for Contract – Traditional Solutions
  • Council adopted the November 4, 2015 Regular Council Meeting minutes as presented.
  • Reverend Bryan Beveridge spoke with Council about the Anglican Church.   So far the congregation has spent $60,000 to make the church safe in order to sell the property.  Rev. Beveridge is asking Council to exercise caution in designating the church a historical site as this could damage the congregation and the purchaser of the property. The purchaser is willing to allow for the removal of the church within a reasonable amount of time. 
  • Council accepted the presentation from Reverend Bryan Beveridge regarding the Anglican Church for information.
  • Mr. Bruce Klaiber spoke with Council in regard to the events that have taken place up until this point with trying to acquire the Anglican Church.  Originally the group had looked for a place for the church to be moved.  The location identified did not work out.  It has been indicated to the historical society that once a historical building has been moved from its site it loses its historical status.  Without historical status the group would not be able to get grants for the building.  The group had discussed purchasing the church in order to keep its historical status. 
  • Council gave first reading to Bylaw No. 15-30 Land Use Bylaw Amendment Bylaw.
  • Council moved to hold a Public Hearing for Bylaw No. 15-30 on December 16, 2015.
  • Council gave first, second, third and final reading to Bylaw No. 15-38 Traffic Advisory Committee.
  • Council refused the month to month lease agreement between the Town of Strathmore and the Calgary Cooperative Association Ltd. for a monthly cost of $1,576.50 per month.
  • Council directed Administration to negotiate a $1/month lease agreement for the Calgary Coop Parking Lot with provisions for the Town to remove the snow and to hold insurance on the property. 
  • Council commissioned a fire services study to ascertain a specific interpretation of the 10 minute response rule and that the study be undertaken immediately and completed, if possible, within 90 days and that the cost of the study not exceed $50,000 with funds to be drawn from the financial stabilization reserve.
  • Council approved the proposed street names for Edgefield Phase 2, as shown on the attached “Schedule A”.
  • Council approved the gifts donated to Councillor Sobol and presented to the Youth Club.
  • Council proclaimed November 20, 2015 as National Child Day in Strathmore.
  • Council extended the Lease Agreement between the Town of Strathmore and H&H Huxted for a period of ten (10) years, with an option to renew for an additional ten (10) years based upon the continued success of the project which the criteria for success will be determined by Town of Strathmore Administration and H&H Huxted.
  • Council approved the emergent upgrades to the Air Handling Unit at the Strathmore Aquatic Centre and employ Associated Engineering and Convergent Technologies to complete the necessary work for a project cost of $126,500 plus taxes with funds to be drawn from financial stabilization.
  • Council directed administration to utilize funds approved in the budget to change the scope to include a needs assessment.
  • Mayor Ell thanked the McDonald’s Restaurant in Strathmore for holding United Way Day.  A portion of the food that was sold will be donated to the Strathmore United Way.


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